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    I looked through the 5 star review. How can brands with recent recalls be on the list? I have had to change food 3 times. We went from Blue Buffalo to Natural Balance to Taste of the Wild! Since a few of the 5 star brands are getting/have been recalled, I now don’t know what to switch to. I found out that Taste of the Wild is made by Diamond, so now I want to switch. Any suggestions??

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    The foods are rated on their ingredients only, not if they have had recall. Any food can have a recall. Diamond is one of the largest pet food manufactures so they do make alot of brands. Some brands (like Wellness) have left Diamond since the recalls. Some brands that have not had a recall are Nutrisource, Victor, Back to Basics, Fromm. I’m sure other folks can add more to this list.

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    I think Acana and Orijen (Champion Pet Food) have not had a recall as well.

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    Go to the FDA.gov website to find out the latest recalls. I guess all brands have had recalls at one time or another. I would just change the brand of food and stay away from any Large-Corporate-under a different name, brand pet foods. I feed Orijen and Acana (same maker) brand currently just because of their processing practices.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Annamaet, Dr. Tim’s, Grandma Lucy’s.

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    I second HDM’s recommendations.

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