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    Andrea B

    I have a 9-week old puppy who currently weighs a little over 7 lbs. We were told by the breeder (mini Goldendoodle) to give her about 1-1.3 cups per day. She is supposed to be between 20-25 lbs full grown. She was pooping 5-6 X per day on that much food and the vet suggested it was too much and that we cut it back by half, so now she’s getting about 2/3 cup per day total. She poops 3-4 X per day now but she seems like she is starving all the time. How do I know how much to feed her? She is getting Earthborn Holistic puppy vantage? Any ideas?

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    Here is a link to Earthborn’s feeding guidelines:
    According to the chart, the puppy should be getting about 1.25-1.75 cups per day. Sometimes, puppies poop often because they don’t really get it all out every time. They get excited or distracted and just go a bit, 30 minutes later, they have to go out again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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