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    Hannah W

    So I just started feeding my dog raw about three to four days ago and have some concerns. I’ve been feeding him bone-in chicken thighs with some yogurt and pumpkin to help out with the transition and have noticed that there are huge chunks of bone in his poop. He seems to be doing completely fine health-wise, however. He’s energetic, happy, and not showing any signs of discomfort or impaction. I’m just worried that the bone fragments aren’t being digested and could hurt him because some of them are quite sharp! Should I be feeding him a different kind of bone? Any advice or ideas is greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Note: my dog is a two-year-old, 135 lb Great Dane if that helps!

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    Most raw feeders I follow don’t feed any chicken. Or if they do it’s chicken wings which are smaller and less thick. I probably wouldn’t feed chicken thigh bones tbh.

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    Sloane K

    I’m not a vet, so take what I say at face value, but if I was told my pet isn’t digesting her bone-in items very well, I’d start by removing all bone from her diet and give her just meat for a few days.

    Then I would reintroduce a smaller amount of bone into her diet. Once she was back to normal, I’d make sure I continue to give her less bone-in items than I did initially.

    Ultimately you should seek out advice from an experienced professional such as a vet or dog nutrition specialist.

    Wish your pet the best.

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