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    Vishakha G

    I am looking for a commercial raw dog food. Something thats convenient yet decently priced and available in bags big enough to last me a month. I have 2 dogs one 20 pounds and one 40 pounds.
    My oldest one ( even though she is ageless, 9 but acts like she is 2) has trouble on even the best kibble ( yeasty ears and itchy paws) and she used to eat Ziwipeak but they discontinued the big bags. My younger does well on anything, but I wont feed just ONE of them raw.

    I used to feed her the honest kitchen but she dislikes it and won’t eat it unless I top it off with an egg or something. Plus I am looking for kibble like convenience.
    I tried REAL MEAT – Dog food, but their poop was horrible on it. ( Any information regarding this?)
    I also briefly tried raw feeding them the regular way, buying meat and organs in bulk but I couldn’t manage to do it in the long term, time commitment etc.

    Any recommendations are welcome !

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    Hi Vishakha-

    I have yet to find a brand of raw that makes bags large enough to last a month for larger sized dogs. I guess they feel it would be so expensive that it would discourage people from buying it. Not really sure.

    There are services out there like https://www.wefeedraw.com/ where they ship you pre-packaged raw food enough for either 2 weeks or 4 weeks. This is a prey model raw diet however.

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    Vishakha G

    Hi Pitlove-
    Thank you for your input, I have been looking for decent sized bags and have been unsuccessful, glad to know it just does not exist, so I can stop looking.

    Is wefeedraw.com the most cost-effective of its kind?

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    I’m not sure. I haven’t looked that hard, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about that company. It used to be called ReelRaw.

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    Ann H

    Anyone found any larger sized commercial dog food yet? I have three to feed, 40 lbs, 70 lbs and 100lbs. A 24 oz bag wouldn’t work but I’m loving the formulas most of the freeze dried companies are putting together. We currently go through over 40#+ of kibbles per month. I really want to get them all off the food they are on but can’t commit time wise to cooking and I’m not uber rich.

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    I buy my dogs raw from Hare Today; I believe their largest bag is 5lbs.

    Reel Raw has 10 pounders

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    Where are you located? Texas, for example, has Texas Tripe, and they’re wonderful! Other states may have something similar where they deliver to an area twice a month.

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