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    Rebecca W

    my dog has acute collitis.he follows a strict diet for collitis and takes medications.hHe has no energy and i am so worried that this is not normal i wonder if someone in the same position could say if they expierience the same problem.Many thanks please get in touch someone .

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    Hi Rebecca-
    Sorry about your pup. I’m curious what his diet and medications are? Also, how old is he? I’m hoping someone on here can give you some help!

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    Rebecca W

    thanks for replying.He is a 3 yr old german shepherd who develpoped this at about the age of 1.Vets dont seem to know much more than i have researched myself really.He has a strict diet of boiled chicken rice or white fish boiled and royal canin gastro intestinal food advised by the vet.He has no treats or chews and is not a dog that eats things he shouldnt he doesnt scavenge.I am desperate to get it right for him to give him the best life i can he is a gorgeous and gentle dog.The medications he has are Metranidazole,medrum and he has pro biotic powders on his food twice a day.i just worry about how very lethargic he gets and would love to know if someone else can identify with this to put my mind at rest.he has had bloods,xrays we are sure it is collitis but it breaks our heart to think he is so depressed when he gets a bad bout.Thankyou for listening Rebecca

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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