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    my dog has had recent behavior changes. he is a 12 yo shih tzu and physically his issues are hypothyroidism and he takes meds also dry eye and he gets drops.
    He has been on Prozac 5mg daily for some aggressiveness and its worked ok. I am going to wean him off of it after talking to the vet again. Vet just saw him and agrees that he is cognitively impaired. he wanders around the house and the will sit down and just bark at nothing. His hearing is fine but when I call him he doesn’t respond at all which is not like him.
    Vet said to add omega-3 and I’m going to try selegiline for a month to see if it helps him.

    I need peoples input. Does he need something different or something added?
    Has anyone had experience with this? I’m distraught over this and I need to do the best for him.
    He eats canned food or Stella & Chewy’s thatI add meat to. His canned is rotated, Wellness, Merrick, Weruva or Ziwi.

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    Yes, I have experience. I have a dog now who had night time wandering/barking. She is on Neutricks that I buy online.

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    Hi Marie
    Do you think the Neutricks has helped?
    What do you think of Selegiline? i worry about side effects.

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    Why are you planning to wean off of the Prozac if it’s working?

    I don’t have any experience with dogs with cognitive impairment, but the overwhelming majority of my clients have mental illness.

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    Hi Betsy,
    I guess I put that wrong.
    He was put on Prozac by Dr Dodman who is an excellent behaviorist. I’m taking him there again this Friday. I want to be sure it’s ok for him to be on both meds together. So, I guess I am hoping that just the selegiline will take care of everything for him. I’m afraid of too many psych meds but I’ll do whatever Dodman says is best. It’s very sad to watch this happen to your best friend

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    Bandits mom: yes, it works great for her. There are various supplements:

    Neutricks: overall improvement in sleep, disorientation and especially house training. Very
    Few side effects & no known side effects with meds. Improvements noticed with
    In days.

    Novifit: favorable response seen within one month & increased in second month. Reduction in
    Problem behaviors including improvement in playfulness, less house soiling and
    awareness. Moderate improvement in sleep patterns, disorientation & confusion.
    Showed improvement in attention & cognitive process.

    Senilife: significant improvement in sleeping problems, playfulness, apathy, response to
    Commands & disorientation.

    Cholodin: one study showed 9/15 client owned dogs had moderate to significant
    Improvement in clinical signs.

    That’s a little from the November 2012 Whole Dog Journal.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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