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    Anyone own a Cocker Spaniel If so what do you feed yours?
    My Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel is 9 years old and has these problems;
    *dry skin
    *itchy skin
    *Very gassy
    She is on Nutro Natural Choice Senior and Hill’s Ideal Balance Mature Adult mixed. She has only had chicken her entire life. These are the brands that she has tried as a puppy and a adult;
    *Purina Pro Plan Puppy
    *Purina One Adult
    *Hill’s Science Diet Mature Adult Small Bites
    *Hill’s Ideal Balance Mature Adult
    *Nutro Natural Choice Senior
    *Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D

    None of these I was happy with and none of them did the trick except Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D. What can you suggest? I’m open to ANY suggestions, including all life stages dog food. She will eat anything and I mean anything at all. My only stipulation is that I can find the brand in multiple stores. She never gets bored of the same brand or flavor. My Cocker Spaniel has colitis so any food that she goes on must be easy on a dog’s stomach and good for digestion. She does well on chicken but definitely no beef. The kibble must be small because she had bad teeth. She’s no longer on Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D.

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    Same suggestion as with your other dog. Get off the chicken and consider making sure you use a different starch source as well. The cataracts are a genetic issue, there isn’t much you can do about that.

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