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    Tom H

    My one year old Clumber Spaniel went from being an excellent eater to a limited eater in the past 7 days. Up until 8 months of age, I fed her Orijen Large Puppy. At 8 months switched her to Orijen Adult dog. Feed twice a day, approx. 1.5 cups per meal. I add a little water to the kibble; originally started this practice to slow her eating down. Everything was great until a week ago (i.e., weight, appetite, poop, etc.). About a week ago she started sniffing her food and walking away. I’d leave it down for 15 minutes, then take it up until the next feeding time. After 2 to 3 days of this, I gave her Acana Duck and Pear (limited formula we feed our two Westies). She ate that fine for about 2 days and then started walking away from it. Tonight, I added a little Merrick classic canned food to her meal and she turned away. Again, I left it down for 15 to 30 minutes. No interest. I’ve owned dogs all my life. I’ve never had a dog walk away from quality food. I’m lost on what to do next. In my area we have big box stores (Walmart, Petco, Petsmart), but no place with higher-end food. (I mail order all my food which is fine until you need to conduct a trial/sample. I’m new to the forum world and would appreciate some suggestions on how to stimulate her appetite or what food to consider.

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    Hi Tom-

    Medical reasons always want to be ruled out when a once food loving dog starts turning food down. I would schedule a visit with your vet as this may not be related to loss of interest in the food.

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    Stop everything asap and go back to that puppy food. Don’t add water, can cause bloat. Puppy food can be given slightly pass the 1st year, it won’t kill her. If she stops eating that then it’s time for a full exam and blood work. Check for worms. Dogs may not like a certain ingredient in a kibble, especially if it upsets their stomachs. You can start rotating foods after you do an allergy panel to learn more about her food intolerances. Order food from Chewy.com, great selection of higher quality dry and wet formulas. Free fast shipping of $49 and over. I feed Zignature Zssentials now after my pups became allergic to Orijen Adult kibble.

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    I would be making a vet appointment to make sure she is medically ok.
    I’m jealous you have a Clumber!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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