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    In July I switched my pugs to the “Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free Duck & Turkey Diet” kibble. Instantly their allergies improved and I noticed a big difference in their health. However, I have had to cut their food down to half a cup a day because they are gaining so much weight! Otis my one year old pug went from 18lbs to 21lbs(OVERWEIGHT) and Pugsley my 5yr old pug went from 25lbs to 28lbs! If you are a pug person you know that is A LOT of weight to gain. I understand the food is high in protein and that is what is making them gain the weight, but I can’t keep resorting to cutting their food down.
    I don’t want to switch their food but if that’s what I need to do I will do it. I did see that Natures Variety Instinct came out with a healthy kibble, has anyone tried it? If anyone knows of a different brand of food out there that is healthier but the same quality please let me know. Also, if anyone knows of a cheaper healthier food that would be great. I love my pugs, but spending $60+ bucks a month on their dog food is just not feasible.
    Also, please do not lecture me on how much I am feeding my pugs or that they need more exercise. I have had issues with my older pugs weight for years. They get lots of exercise(walks everyday) and no extra treats. The main issue is I do live in Louisiana so them being outside more is just not an option.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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