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    I HATE giving my paralyzed dachshund Hill’s SD diet canned food….not only the expense but the crappy ingredients go against everything I have come to know about pet nutrition. I’m trying feeding him a homemade diet of ground turkey and rice with green beans, pumpkin and carrots but I’m concerned he’s not getting the proper carb/protein/vitamin ratio. I know we have to avoid higher levels of certain minerals and his urine pH needs to be alkaline. What’s really bad is he LOVES kibble but too many kibble diets spark a UTI.

    I would really appreciate a good recommendation for a quality canned food that will maintain his urinary pH and overall good health.

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    I’m no help, sorry, usually for chronic UTIs they try to acidify the urine. At least I’m bumping this up to the top where someone else might see it.

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