Chinese Ingredients: It would be great if the DFA could do the following.

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    I don’t know if this has been requested before, but it would be wonderful if the Dog Food Advisor could do the following: Somehow notate whether the foods in each star category either USE or DO NOT USE ingredients from China. Or perhaps whether each food uses ingredients sourced entirely from the U.S. or not. From having lived and worked abroad and from past recalls, i know their are many countries who have poor, if any sort of standards regarding food production for humans, let alone animals. Additionally, i don’t understand manufactures who don’t test their own foods as part of a purity and safety protocol. I would feel much more comfortable if I could choose a food based on the sourcing of it’s ingredients as one of my criterion. Thank you.

    Respectfully submitted.

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    You will be pleased when the new Editor’s Choice section comes out. It goes more into company practices, so you can get some idea of who you can trust.

    Normally speaking, it’s impossible to know whether any particular food has ingredients from China, etc. because they source from multiple places for each ingredient. Some of the better dog food companies are willing to pledge that they won’t get ingredients from China, but most won’t.

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    Jackie B

    Hi Jon.

    Unfortunately, since the FDA does not currently require manufacturers to disclose the source of each ingredient, only the pet food company itself would know the nature of each component in its products.

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