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    Looking for advice, I have a Chi puppy 6 months old and I have been feeding her Pedigree Puppy. Now before you all go into fits I fed my two Yorkies Pedigree their whole lives with out issue they lived to be 18 and 20. Pedigree is not cutting it for my Chi she eats and eats but looks emaciated, I’m guessing while part of that is the look of the breed (she is still a pup) and I am used to a dog with tons of hair, I’m thinking maybe Pedigree doesn’t have what she needs, you breed specific. So I get on this site and wow now my head wants to explode! Okay not really but it confirms that little speedy gonzala here needs a meatier less grainy food. Costco is down the street and I’m really not recognizing any of the other names on the lists (didn’t look lower then 4 star), I don’t have tons of spare money either. The last question anyone know how it freezes? Come on 40 pound bag of dog food 4 pound dog by the time we get to the bottom or even half way it’s got to be getting stale but I’m not tasting it to find out! Thanks all and Luna says Thanks too!

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    Costco isn’t the. Best place to find a high quality food. She’s a Chi; a small bag should last awhile. Foods are grain inclusive or grainfree; Natures Logic only has millet for a grain. The brand new Farmina has a low grain line.

    I’ve heard pros & cons for freezing food. I’ve decided not to. Since two of mine who eat kibble set different food, I buy the mid size bag. Feeding a chi the smallest bag of the most expensive food is still not going to cost much.

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    I have a 3 ½ lb chihuahua. She’s been an easy keeper for me, holds weight nicely on most anything.
    The foods I’ve liked the best for her are:
    1. Costco Cuts in Gravy, yes really! Her tummy is the best, poops are the best, she eats it and begs for mrs and she looks gorgeous (she has a thick, long coat).
    2. Fromm grain free dry/canned
    3. Newmans Own canned

    They don’t eat much, that’s the thing, so it’s nice when you these itty bitty dogs, you can spend more a higher quality food and it lasts a LONG time!
    If you can’t find anything in your area chewy.com ships right to your house. You have to spend $49 to get the free shipping, but I find I can load up on treats and chews and flea meds, etc and get right to the free shipping (though I have 3 other dogs of varying sizes and a cat 🙂

    Good luck with your chi!

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    I think best suitable food for your chihuahua is Royal Canin Mini Junior.

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    @dogspotindia That is the worst recommendation ever.
    Have you seen the ingredients of Royal Canin?

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    The above comments gave good suggestions (I will severely disagree with Royal Canin as well). I’ve never had a tiny dog, so I honestly have never had to worry about a 40lb bag of food go stale before my three pigs, er, dogs eat it all.
    Don’t feel too pressured about Pedigree. All we could afford for the first several years was grocery store food as well. My lab has only been on quality kibble for about a year now, but she’s 12 and still going strong 😉

    As long as the food has at least a 3.5 rating on this site, then I would say that I trust it. Possibly even adding some cooked or raw meat in with her food might help her bulk up a bit. If you get her on a quality kibble and she still is showing no weight gain in a few weeks, then it’s probably time for a checkup and some blood tests.

    Best wishes to you and your little sweetie!

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