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    Rich N

    I noticed that dog foods rated on this website containing protein from MEAL gets higher star ratings. When I shop for dog food for my dog I try to find ones where meal is not one of the main ingredients. Aside from finding out what grossness is in meal, it is the incredibly high temperature it is cooked at for days the concerns me most. of course I understand they do this to kill all the diseases bacteria etc cetera that’s in it, but any nutritionist knows that at that high temperature you’re also killing all the enzymes and a good things about protein and pretty much yields it useless.
    how can you say a product is high in protein when most of it is from meal and therefore pretty much dead protein that just becomes filler? no?

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    If it’s kibble, it’s “dead” protein, so you have to make up your mind why you are feeding protein from kibble at all. For me, keeping it low carb is more important, so I prefer meals and I add fresh “live” meats.

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    Rich N

    So maybe choose a dry dogfood with low amount of meal but then add protien via fresh meats to it. ?

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    Ron M

    I was reading last week from a site called The Dog Press and one of the editors had a list of ingredients to avoid. She had on the list most of the meat meals. The reasoning
    was high levels of fluoride due to the manufacturing process. I have no clue on the validity. But will pass along the link. They do seem to favor a species appropriate diet, in this case raw and variety.
    She listed other ingredients that are inappropriate that I have a hard time agreeing with.
    One was probiotics, I can understand in certain situations that they may be contraindicated.But I’m not sure I would throw out the baby with the bath water.
    Anyways here is the link if you would like to take a look.

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    I was always under the impression that meals are concentrated protein – do does the DFA say. Is that not right?

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