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    MY 4 month old puppy has same symptoms Fanconi Syndrome. Without my knowledge of Made In China Chicken Jerky, I gave him treats from Pett Shoppe bought at Walgreens and all symptoms go hand in hand as Wagon Train Treats, Made in China. Heres the eye opener: Both products are on the same shelf at Walgreens. Are all Chicken Jerky Treats Made in China making our dogs sick here in America…Anyone else living this nightmare?

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    Hello ~ Unfortunately there are humdreds of us living this nightmare! No, not all chicken jerky is made in China, but MOST is. We can give you info for treatment, info on survivng dogs and general supposrt in this Facebook group – we have over 6000 members – well over 200 victims; the FDA has stated over 360 deaths and 2000 illnesses from these products!
    ~Tracey, admin
    Please join us:

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    What’s worse is just because it says “Made in the USA” doesn’t mean that the ingredients are sourced from the USA. Before I buy treats, food, anything, I call the company and ask them specifically where they source their ingredients. If they won’t specifically tell you “No we do no source from China” chances are they do.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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