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    Dennis L

    I looking for options for my English Mastiff. He’s eaten Acana for the past few years. I’m just not happy with the new stuff coming from the US. He seems to need to eat much more for him to be satisfied.

    I just ordered a bag of Fromm’s “Heartland Gold Large Breed” to try. It would be nice to find a more affordable alternative. Although, cost is not the factor for changing. I’m just looking for a high quality food that brings out the best in my boy. The Acana just didn’t seem to be doing that any longer.

    If the Fromm food doesn’t seem to work, I may try “Now Fresh” brand. There is no review about it here. Does anyone here use this?

    Any other ideas?


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    Nutrisca. Check chewy dot com. Use kibble as a base, add a bite of some protein, scrambled egg, chicken or something, and a splash of water.

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    Hi Dennis,
    it’s best to rotate between a few different brands & different proteins, I feed “Pro Pac Ultimates” Bayside Select, Whitefish for breakfast then I feed “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb or “Canidae” Pure Wild for Dinner, this way he’s getting Whitefish, Lamb & Pork in his diet, he can’t have chicken as well, this way Patch is getting a variety ingredients, also add some fresh foods to the diet, what ever I’m eating Patch gets some as well, as long as he can eat it.
    Canidae– http://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products
    Pro Pac Ultimates– http://www.propacultimates.com/dog-food/

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    Hi Dennis-

    I know several large breed dogs that eat Dr.Tims and all do excellent on it. Also comes in 44lb bags on chewy.com

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