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    Has anyone heard of or bought from, they have bulk chicken feet and I was just wondering if those are safe for small dogs that inhale the raw meals and chews? If you have not heard of them can you recommend a safe place to buy chicken feet? I want to test my shihtzu with something in raw chicken to see if she would be allergic to it like chicken in kibble.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi NectarMom –

    I have never heard of Moe’s Meats but their website says that everything they sell is USDA inspected, human-grade and free of hormones and antibiotics so I personally wouldn’t have an issue giving their products a try. In the past I’ve ordered chicken feet from Hare Today and I now get them from a wholesale meat supplier (where I get most of my meat). As far as whether or not they’re safe – you’ll just have to give them a try and carefully watch your dogs. If they attempt to swallow large chunks you may need to avoid them. Keep in mind, however, dogs will swallow some pieces and it’s perfectly fine as long as the piece isn’t huge. If you haven’t watched them yet, you can check out the videos I posted of one of my dogs eating RMBs to see what’s “normal.” My large dogs have no issues with chicken feet.

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    Do you have an ethnic grocery store in your area? You can buy one chicken foot to try out before buying a bunch online.

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    We have a fresh market, I will stop by there and ask them tomorrow. Thanks Sandy

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    HDM, I did indeed watch your videos and that is what made me want to get my dogs some Raw Dental Chews of some sort. I lost my last shihtzu to cancer and I am quite sure it was from something in kibble. Her parents were show dogs and lived to be 15 and 17yrs, she passed away at only 10yrs old but we battled the cancer until we finally had to let go. If I can help these I have now live longer by feeding them at least the best that I can then I will do whatever it takes. These 4 girls are my children.

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    Hi Sandy,

    This is probably a dumb question, but are the meats, bones & things you’d buy at an ethnic market safe? There’s a Chinese market and a Mexican market both within walking distance of my house. I wondered in particular, if the stuff at the Chinese market would be safe considering all of the Chinese chicken issues ~ I had been contemplating going in to look around, but I know if I went in to look, I’d come out with something I’d bought. I feel ignorant assuming that there could potentially be any issues at all, but honestly, I really have no idea.

    I bought a bunch of bones at the butcher last Saturday and asked the cashier about other doggie treats and she wasn’t sure, but the place was packed so I’ll ask one of the butchers on another day when they’re not so busy.

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    Usually fresh meat in a Chinese market or whatever would be local meat but processed in the way that is culturally familiar ie cuts that they are used to, body parts that are normally removed are left on, cuts that we might normally consider trash, that sort of thing. It is probably a good idea to ask, just in case.

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