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    My year old pug has a chicken allergy. Does this mean I should also avoid food that has chicken meal, chicken fat, chicken bone, feather or all the chicken add ins that are commonly found in many non chicken based foods? I have tried other meat based dry food and still find chicken in many just not in top 3-5 ingredients listed. Would this still cause issues?

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    Thanks in advanced to any help!

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    Hi I also have a dog that is sensitive to chicken & yes you have to avoid chicken fat, chicken meal anything chicken, I rotate my kibble with Salmon kibbles, Lamb kibbles & Pork kibbles…. have a look at “Canidae” Pure formula’s they’re all chicken free same as the “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb & their Pacific Stream, Smoked Salmon…
    How I put up picture? scroll to bottom of this page click on “Contact Us” all these links will come up click on the first link “How can I add a custom image to my personal profile?” it’s very easy…

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    Just curious, how was your dog diagnosed with a chicken allergy? Or are you assuming…..

    Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea may meet your criteria, see chewy dot com for reviews and prices.
    Check the search engine “allergies” I have posted a lot of information, maybe you will find something helpful.

    Allergies can be broken down into inhalant, contact, or food allergy origins. Flea allergies, grass allergies, and environmental toxin induced allergies are the most common causes of skin conditions in Cairns. Allergies can be chronic or seasonal. They can be minor or severe in occurrence. They tend to become worse with age. Treatment is much better than in bygone days. Environmental controls, antihistamine treatment, and desensitization injections have made huge strides in the last few years”.
    “Glucocorticoids should be used only as a last resort due to serious side effects. Diagnosis and treatment of chronic or severe cases by a Board Licensed Veterinary Dermatologist is recommended”.
    (excerpt from:)
    This was copied from a site regarding Cairn Terriers, however, the information applies to all dogs (imo)

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    Marie P

    YOU can try Zignature Brand dog food, Salmon flavor; Also, you may want to try making your own dog food as a special treat. I have many friends that feed dry quality kibble such as AVODERM, Zignature or Fromm’s Brands on the weekdays and then home cook on the weekend. Here is a recipe that is chicken free, http://***************

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