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    Susan B

    I have 10 week old chi pups and have had them on Earth born holistic puppy dry kibble since I got them at 5 weeks. They’ve been wormed and had shots vet checked and spay/neutured. My ongoing challenge is loose stools. At the beginning they had diarrhea and we did chicken rice and sweet potato; fixed them up. After worming they had very close to diarrhea and I added rice/sweet Po to their food, which firmed them up. They’re good eaters but it seems as if there is too much water in their stools. I’m thinking a food change is in order. Ideas?

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    Try giving them probiotics for a while and add about a half teaspoon of canned pure pumpkin to each meal. Diarrhea and getting wormed and more diarrea has upset their system. The probiotics will help get everything balanced again.

    BTW, you can freeze the pumpkin into little dollops, so it doesn’t go bad before you use it up.

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    I agree with theBCnut. I also found a supplement I love, called Firm Up. It’s just dried pumpkin and apple pectin. You can get it with cranberry, too. Love it!! So much easier to use than canned pumpkin, which mine didn’t care for in their food. They eat this up, though. I won’t ever be without it. It has been a life saver for anal glands, too. 🙂

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    Hey Moms2Cavs-
    I just added that to my supplement list. I often use canned pumpkin and sugar free applesauce with my dogs’ meals or kong treats. The combination usually is very helpful with the stools. This supplement would definitely keep better. Thanks!

    Hey Susan B-
    Let us know how the new food and supplements go. Good luck!

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    Hi Jan,

    C4C just told me you had mentioned this supplement. I’m getting some! Mine love canned pumpkin, but this looks much easier.

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    Susan B

    Okay, things are going good firmly well!!! Thank you guys! I have a rescue and this chi litter is the only time I have had a challenge. I’ve come to learn they are sensitive and because they are so small I thought they needed fed more often. At 11 weeks 3 times a day is perfect for their digestion and no treats/bones in between. Once they’re at their permanent place I’m sure they’ll settle even more.
    About probiotics, I read many articles and learned they will absorb more nutrients and be healthier. I got my old fells some as well. So thank you for getting me on this path.

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    Susan B

    Oh… and the other thing I learned from reading, sweet potatoes are better for them than pumpkin. The yellowish yams are super and no bright orange poops. My vet shared re the sweet po vs pumpkin. Harder to find canned with no syrup so I just buy fresh and nukem. ; )

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