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    I recently switched by 8 year old fawn coloured pug/bichon cross to Acana Lamb and Apple kibble. Coincidentally, he now has very wet eyes with reddish-brown tear staining. The fur between the pads of his feet has also turned reddish in colour and the skin of his under-belly appears pink-ish/ red.

    Due to a history of dermatitis, I had been feeding him a lamb and rice kibble formula made by a local pet food store. It’s a very small boutique-like brand, so I have no way to confirm the quality of the product through a source such as DogFoodAdvisor. Although I have many other options, I thought Acana would be a good replacement as I can purchase it at this local store.

    Has any one every experienced something like this due to a change in food? Is this purely coincidental and not food related? It seems too coincidental.

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    Sounds like there is something in Acana that your dog does not tolerate.

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    It’s trial and error to find the right foods sometimes, especially when you have a dog mixed with two breeds with a propensity for skin issues!! Or at least my mom’s bichon does! I get several foster pugs with skin issues for sure. What are the ingredients in the boutique food and the guaranteed analysis and how long have you been feeding this food? Have you tried any other limited ingredient diets? Have you tried a grain free diet? Grain free and potato free foods seem to work well since pugs are prone to get yeasty. I’ve been feeding the fosters Nutrisource grain free lamb and Nutrisca lamb. They all seem to do well on it. One of them gets Sojo’s Complete or The Honest Kitchen Zeal. They don’t have very many ingredients.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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