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    Sarah A

    I know it would be a big task, but a similar Cat Food Advisor website would be appreciated by a lot of cat owners too, I think. If you can’t do a whole website, an article or subsection covering some brands or topics would be really nice.

    I am curious if the same brands that rank high on your dogs scale also score high on cat food scales too, or if there are any that rank differently.

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    Hi Sarah A-

    I’m with you! I’d love it too. The creator of this site at one time was planning on it, but then started the Editor’s Choice project and put the cat site on hold. Hopefully it will come off the back burner soon! http://catfoodadvisor.com/

    I do think that most brands that rank well in dog food also have good cat products. I try to get as much moisture and protein in my cats’ diets as I can afford. Moisture is very important for a cat’s urinary tract. I also try to stay away from canned food with fish as the first ingredient. It has been thought that a lot of canned fish cat food (especailly the cheap stuff), can cause hyperthyroidism.

    Here are some links that may be helpful:

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the site will be up soon!

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    Lori H

    yes, count my vote too! and thanks for the info above!!

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