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    Sarah Y

    Hi, I have always wished there was a good website that did cat food reviews. I happen to type in http://www.catfoodadvisor.com and happily saw a message that said “Coming Soon from the Editors of The Dog Food Advisor”. I don’t know how long it has been there, but I am wondering if there is a launch date set?

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    It has been there for a while. I haven’t heard of a target date yet. I just remember that when it was decided to do the Editor’s Choice list, the cat food site got delayed. Darn it!
    Check out these sites:



    Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition

    I believe that all four of these give some type of recommendations for cat food. And, they also have some very valuable information. Good luck!

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    Mike Sagman

    Hey Guys,

    Cat Food Advisor is still in the planning and development stages. It’s a truly huge project that could be delayed for a good while longer until I can put together a team and all the content needed to make CFA a valuable resource.

    However, DFA’s new Learning Center (including a number of helpful video tutorials) and many other new features you’ll see rolled out over the next 4-6 months are really keeping us from putting a lot of energy into CFA. Thanks for your patience.

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    Sarah Y

    Thanks to both of you for the replies. I figured it would be a huge undertaking. As much care as you take into dog advisor, I would expect the same with a cat food advisor site :-). As for the links, thank you! I have seen catinfo.org and I recently had a cat pass away from renal failure so the felinecrf.org really came in handy to. I’ll check out the other two.

    I’ll wait patiently knowing that some time down the road (hopefully before the end of the year? LOL) is coming!

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    Andi G

    I’m looking forward to the catfoodadvisor.com too! So many sites seems to contradict each other about what foods are good. I guess it’s all just opinion but I value the opinions on DFA because they seem well-researched and don’t seem to be just trying to snub store-brands or push the expensive stuff for no reason except to be snobby.
    I used to feed my cats Purina One SmartBlend for Sensitive Systems. It proved better for them than regular Purina for indoor cats but then I had to go and read all about cat foods and now I’m always stressing over whether I’m feeding them good enough or not. So, currently, my cats eat Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Duck & Turkey Meal Formula Dry Cat Food twice a day and a spoonful of the Nature’s Variety Instinct Beef Canned food twice a day. They are loving it but still fat as ever! haha

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    Hi Andi-
    I’m looking forward to it also, but I think it is going to be a while. Usually if the brand is rated high for their dog food, the cat food will be good as well. Nature’s Variety is a great brand, but the kibble is pretty high in calories. Dr. Becker’s General recommendation is 6 oz canned and four teaspoons of kibble per day for the average cat. I think it is about 200 calories. You could feed half a can twice per day with 2 tsp of kibble each meal. I have recently switched to this. I’ll let you know how it goes. Mine are getting too chubby also.
    How many cats do you have. I somehow have ended up with four!

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    Sarah Y

    The links above have helped. We just recently adopted two kittens…almost 8 months. I grew up in a time where you just fed them and fed them purina cat chow and called it a day. I became more interested in what I fed my dogs through another website and also found DFA to be very helpful. With the two new kittens I wanted to educate myself more on feeding my cats.

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