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    Misha M

    Hi all,

    I recently realised that carrageenan in wet forms of dog food can cause lots of health problems and wanted to make a switch. We currently feed grain free wet food from Wellness, their turkey and fish range. However, they include carrageenan. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good, grain free brands that stock turkey and/or fish that are carrageenan free in Australia?

    There was a thread here that listed brands, however I have trouble finding them here!


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    Some of the Wellness Stews do not contain carrageenan. You’ll need to look at each recipe’s ingredient list.

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    Misha M

    Thanks pugmomsandy! However, their stews often contain chicken, beef or lamb and they can’t have those :S I’m trying to find only turkey or only fish :SS

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Misha M:
    I have a list of carrageenan free foods, however I don’t update it often. Recipes can change and if any are available in Australia they might contain different ingredients as well. My list includes grain inclusive/grain free and different proteins including the ones you are trying to avoid. If you are interested I can post my list and you can sort through it when you have time.

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    Misha M

    Hi Bobby dog! That would be great! I’ll be sure to keep that in bind! Thanks!

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Misha M:
    Here’s my list, check it out carefully for the above reasons I posted. Good luck in your quest!

    4Health stews (Tractor Supply)
    I and Love and You
    Kirkland Signature Turkey & Pea stew (Costco)
    Life’s Abundance
    Merrick Back Country
    Nature’s Variety
    Precise Holistic Complete GF
    Precise Naturals
    Pure Balance Stews and tubs w/gravy (Wal-Mart)
    Purina Beyond grain free
    Red Barn
    Tiki Dog
    Weruva Human Style recipes – except Marbella Paella
    Wellness Stews
    Whole Earth Farms

    Edit: Some Halo recipes don’t have carrageenan, just haven’t sorted through all of them yet.

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    Misha M

    Thanks I’ll keep an eye out!
    (Though we don’t carry a lot of them 🙁 )
    I’ve checked out the Wellness Stews, one thing we do have, but they have grains.

    Thanks so much for your list!

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    Hi Misha-
    If you have a Costco in your area, see if it carries the Kirkland Turkey and Pea stew that is on the above list. It’s is a great canned food at a super price. In the US a case of 24 sells for about $19. I’ve found that most stews do not contain carrageenan due to it being a thickener.

    I try to avoid it too. Good luck to you!

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    Misha M

    Hi crazy4cats,

    thanks for the great tip!

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    Kathleen C

    Well great, Weruva is on the list and I’ve just ordered a bag of the kibble, as I wrote in the Merrick forum. This is very encouraging since I’ve been looking for a good low cal food for my Boston Terrier for quite some time and Weruva is also low cal. It comes in several types and I’m getting the Venison & Salmon with Pumpkin. Also comes in Chicken and Turkey flavors so it will be easy to rotate without leaving the brand. As for Wellness, I read somewhere online, can’t remember when or where, that Wellness got mixed up with Diamond some how and one recall list has them on their “brands to watch list”. I also fed Wellness for a long time with no problem.

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    WellPet does use co-packers for their Wellness products, but they do not use Diamond any longer.

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    Hi Misha, I also live Australia, so you must shop at “Pet Barn” they are the only ones that carry the Wellpet brand Wellness, Holistic Select & Eagle Pack..

    Have you looked at K-9 Natural freeze dried you just add water, Pet Barn sells K-9 Natural its in a packet… scroll down to Freeze Dried then click on Lamb, Beef, Venison, Tripe, what ever one you want to see ingredients, K-9 Natural is fresh & your dog will love it, all natural & works out cheaper then wet tin foods also if you have a cat there’s Feline Natural excellent for cats…

    Another one is Ziwi Peak, Pet Barn does not carry Ziwi Peak no more, it’s expensive but you can still buy online contact Ziwi Peak & ask for some of their air dried samples, Venison & Fish, Venison, Lamb or Beef & use their samples as treats….

    There’s Black Hawk wet tin food….Pet Barn carry the kibble but not their wet tin food yet, Pet Stock carries the whole Black Hawk range Wet & Dry…

    At the Supermarket Woolworths & Coles have “V.I.P Natures Goodness” all natural grain free wet tin foods & dry…have a look at all their flavours,…. Chicken, Duck with garden veggies….. Kangaroo, Sweet potatoes & green beans……Beef stew, carrots & potatoes

    If you feed kibble “Meals For Mutts” is for dogs with skin & food Sensitivities, its gluten, dairy & sugar free, Meals For Mutts has a few natural treats, their kangaroo Disc, Lamb Tripe & Carnavore, a few people have asked Meals For Mutts are they bringing out a natural gluten, dairy, sugar free wet tin food & they have said yes…

    Visit this site “Pet Food Reviews” & you’ll get an idea of all the pet food names we have in Australia, then you can google them & look at their ingredients….

    I hope this helps, after I looked & looked for a good natural wet tin food & some of the prices… $4.30 for a tin of Wellness Core, Patch would need 3 tins a day & it didn’t smell that great, just looked like swollen kibble in a can with gravy….. I cook now & freeze meals, its cheaper & I know it’s FRESH…. the only wet tin foods that were really worth the money & smelt fresh was the K-9 Natural freeze dry, the V.I.P Natural Goodness grain free wet tin that was OK smelt & looked just like the Black Hawk grain free wet tin food…. I have never bought the Ziwi Peak wet tin, $6 a tin… I have gotten all their samples of their freeze dried & Patch just inhaled them, he didn’t even chew them 🙂

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