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    Christie B

    I read a post on the forum the other day from about 2 years ago about not feeding canned Salmon from the Pacific due to parasites. Isn’t canned salmon cooked? Wouldn’t that kill any parasites?

    I wanted to use it as a topper in lieu of canned food, but not if it’s dangerous to do so.

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    joanne l

    I use canned salmon for my dog once a week with white rice, I never heard about it. Yes it is cooked. It is human grade salmon in a can.

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    Hi Christie,

    Tin salmon has been cooked, just make sure you read the Sodium/Salt% look for the
    lowest %…. Some can Salmon still has the bone & skin still on the Salmon, remove the skin
    & crush the bones they’re healthy aswell…
    adding 2 spoon of Salmon a day to dog meals is very healthy…I often mix 1/2 boiled sweet potato feed as meal…

    When Salmon is raw it has parasites & needs to be frozen for 3 weeks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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