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    My son’s dad brought me a can of pink Salmon for the dogs.
    I have a couple of questions that may sound rather stupid.

    1 – Is can salmon safe to eat out of the can like Tuna is?

    2 – 1 serving (1/4 cup) contains 270mg of sodium. Isn’t that high, especially for a dog?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Peggy –

    Canned salmon is perfectly safe for dogs to eat and is, in fact, a great way to add omega 3’s and protein to the diet. Most canned products do tend to be high in sodium although high sodium isn’t a huge concern for healthy dogs so feeding it on occasion shouldn’t be an issue. There are low sodium options though. When I give my dogs canned salmon I use Raincoast Trading No Salt Added Salmon which only has 25 mg sodium per serving (75 mg per can).

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    That sounds like a great addition to your dogs food Peggy. I use canned sardines but haven’t tried canned salmon yet. I’m going to pick some up next time im out.

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    HMM, I’m sorry but I never got a notification that you replied to my topic. Thank you for doing so.

    How do you prepare the can salmon? Is it already cooked and just put it in their bowl? Or does it need to be cooked?

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    Jennifer H

    It’s already cooked. Most of them (unless packaging states otherwise) have bones in them, but they are soft and easily crushed between two fingers. I just scopp it right out of the can and into the dog’s bowl.

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    Thank you very much Jennifer. My dogs love fish.
    I do believe I will go through it and get the bones out though.

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    I got some canned sardines today, and they have ~100mg of sodium per ounce. Each once has approximately 35 calories, so if I was feeding that as the only topper for a meal then an ounce is probably the amount I would give her. Is 100mg too much sodium in one meal for a 10 pound dog?

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    I just opened a can of Pink Salmon and it was FULL of bones!
    I couldn’t feed my dog these bones, so will go through it and get out as many as I can.

    Is there such a think as de-boned salmon?
    Google, here I come!

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    I will definitely get boneless salmon next time, too much work ha.
    They loved it though.

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    Madeline B

    Unlike the bones in raw salmon, the bones in canned salmon are pressure cooked and safe because they are soft and crumbly. They are also a hood cource of calcium.

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