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    Jake T

    I was given hill’s K/D by my vet but I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for other options that I could feed her that might be a little cheaper or better. I’m not a huge fan of science diet. Any other suggestions you have would be appreciated I just found out she had kidney disease recently so I’m new to all of this. I have a 44 pound Irish terrier she is about ten years old.

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    No, I wouldn’t mess with this. Consult your vet regarding possible alternative diets, or ask for a referral to a specialist.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Jake T:
    I am going through a similar experience myself. I would love to feed the Rx food needed for my guy, but it is not appealing to him. I suggest working with your Vet for alternatives as well. Unfortunately, when you are feeding a diet for a specific health condition it more than likely won’t be cheap.

    One alternative to ask your Vet about is formulating a home cooked diet. is a company that I use to formulate home made meals for my dog. They have a service that will work with your Vet to formulate an Rx diet for your dog’s health condition.

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