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    I realize this is a dog forum, not cat, but I’m hoping someone out there also has cats and can help me here.

    I have an old geezer who I’m switching to canned from kibble (first step transitioning to raw) and he only likes the chunky food with bits and pieces in it and he does not like tuna. I’ve been feeding him BFF Tuna and Chicken but I’m basically wasting half the can because he just picks out the chicken and leaves the tuna.

    Any suggestions as to a “piecy” chicken food we could try? Googling pictures doesn’t seem to help much, so short of opening every can available, I’m not sure what else to do.

    We have the following canned cat food options available at the store that I work at – Wellness, Wellness Core, Felidae Pure, Weruva, BFF, Nature’s Logic, Great Life, and Fromm.

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    Hi CattleCait-

    Have you checked out Weruva’s website? I believe they own BFF and Cats in the Kitchen. I also remember seeing pictures of the canned food on their site. It’s good your cat doesn’t like Tuna, because too much of it is not good for cats anyway. Check out Dr. Laura Pierson, DVM website: catinfo dot org. Good luck!

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    Wellness and Merrick makes some chunky chicken flavors that my cat seems to like really well.

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    Wellness has some “chunky” types. It’s what I buy my cat. They also have “minced” if you want it to be a little smaller. Weruva is def. a “stringy” type. I’ve never fed BFF. I’m pretty sure the other brands you mentioned mostly are pate style.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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