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    The store I work at sells Canine Caviar, I think its a decent food, but lately the company has been jacking up the price on it to the point that the grain free varieties were as much as $90-95 for a large bag. What was even worse when I checked chewy.com, their prices are what we pay wholesale or less, so it makes us look like we’re the ones hiking up the prices.

    I ended up dropping the grain free line and only have the chicken, lamb and special needs left.
    I’m considering bringing in Nature’s logic. The reason I like it is because they use millet which is a gluten free grain instead of peas and potatoes. Since we have a lot of dogs coming in with yeast issues, finding a suitable option can be challenging. A lot are becoming intolerant of peas, and usually dont do well with potatoes/sweet potatoes/tapioca due to sugar content.

    I do have 2 reservations about the food, one is that they do not use any fresh meats, just meals. Also, the ash content of the food is 10-11% which is pretty high and tells me that the quality of the meals that they use is not very high.

    Has anyone used Natures Logic? any feedback on it, positive or negative?
    Also, do you have any suggestions for another gluten free food thats pea/potato free? and under $65 for a large bag?


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    Due to MULTIPLE food intolerances I can only feed my dog 2 brands of kibble. Natures Logic Beef or Sardine formulas or Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. He does better on the Natures Logic. I have to order from online sites as no one locally carries it (only the wet food). I have no complaints & it has been a life saver here.

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    I love Nature’s Logic. I have one dog that can’t eat it due to the tomato, but the other 2 do great on it. And I just opened a bag of it yesterday and had to go back and smell it. It actually smells good!! The kibble size is tiny, so even the smallest dogs can eat it.

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    I love Nature’s Logic products. They don’t use any synthetic vitamins or minerals and I think that’s a good selling point.

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    I too have had good luck with NL.

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    I love them both. The kibble sizes are very similar, both tiny, perfect for everything from toy breeds on up. I use the CC Lamb & Pearl Millet and Chicken & Pearl Millet; and all of the Nature’s Logic products. I like that both use gluten free pseudo grains and choose both over grain free products that contain legumes. I’m OK with peas, but try not to over do them. My sensitive pup cannot do chickpeas or lentils. CC is a great more limited ingredient product. I love that NL is a whole food product with no added synthetic vitamins or minerals.

    All that said, I can now no longer use either for my sensitive dog who cannot do fish, fish meal or fish oil and apparently, his newest sensitivity, garlic, which is in the CC formulas I was using. NL contains sardine meal. I’ll tell you, is very hard to find a fish free food – CC is fish free. I’ll continue to use both for my dog with no food intolerance issues. The fact that my dog can no longer eat either, in no way diminishes my opinion of either.

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    Hi Mountainhound,

    I take a different approach when evaluating a food. I start by looking at the company and evaluate if they have sound nutritional information. I want to know who formulates the food, what their nutritional training is and ask questions about quality control.

    When I contacted this company I talked with Scott Freeman who formulates the diets. He holds a degree in marketing. He has no formal nutritional training and this is quite evident when talking to him. He doesn’t understand some very basic nutritional concepts. He is not someone who I’d want formulating a diet.

    The diets fall way below AAFCO in some key nutrients (Vit D, E, Zn) and the company gets around this by feed trialing one formulation and then using the family rule to put an AAFCO statement on the foods.

    The nutrient analysis on the website are not the analysis of the products. The same levels are reported for nearly every product and every nutrient. Scott said nearly 6 months ago that the website just needed to be updated. Three months ago he told me he had sent all the new info to the webmaster and it would all be posted within days, but the same numbers are still posted.

    Some real head scratchers can be found in the NA. The Beef Ca is reported as 2.123% and the phos as 2.95% YIKES! An inverse ratio! Scott said these numbers are incorrect but months later the same numbers are still being reported/ posted as the actual analysis. I asked him if the Beef Ca level was ever actually 2.123 % (which is a calcium level reported in many of the diets) or was it actually higher than the 2.95% Phos. He said he had no idea where the reported 2.123% Calcium number came from.

    I asked him about the ash levels in the venison meals and he said it was over 25%

    I asked him about quality control. He doesn’t do any testing on any of the ingredients before going into production, he relies on the spec sheets that come with the shipments. Other companies I’ve talked to do their own analysis on incoming ingredients to verify the spec sheets are accurate. He seemed uncertain as to what post production testing was done by the co packers.

    I think this company is good at one thing…. marketing which makes sense as that is the only field that this company’s formal education is in.

    You can draw you own conclusions but I couldn’t ever recommend this food.

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