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    Patty C

    . . . adding fresh meat? I can finally afford to feed my dogs better food, so using the evaluations and the sales & coupons at the store (Petco), I chose one that is 3 stars for adults and 4 stars for the pups. I did not choose it merely because of the number of stars but because I still can’t afford 5 stars right now. I also bought some skinless, boneless chicken breasts and chopped them to a pulp and cooked them w/o fat and have been adding some of that when I feed them (1 tablespoon for the chihuahua, one-half cup for the 40-pound mutt, and 3/4 cup for the 100-pound Lab, all cooked and then measured). My question is:
    —>> By adding this fresh meat, am I effectively upgrading the dry food I bought?
    I hope so. I bought dry because preparation is an issue for me as I need to keep things simple because of personal disability.

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    You are doing great. As long as you keep the extra under 20% of the amount you feed, you are absolutely upgrading the dry. You could also use tinned sardines in water, raw or lightly cooked eggs, plain yogurt or kefir. The meat you add doesn’t even need to be cooked if you don’t want to. I’m sure your dogs are loving the fresh toppers!

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    Patty C-
    I agree with Cyndi. You are doing great. I, also tend to lean more towards budget friendly kibble so that I can afford to add some healthy toppers. Such as eggs, sardines, meat and canned foods. Good luck with your pups!

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    Patty C

    Thank you, Cyndi & crazy4cats. I’m glad to learn about the 20% rule; I can calculate the 20% of what each dog gets and add that. I measure what I feed them every day for two main reasons: first, concerning the budget so that I know how many days before I must buy more, and second, to help keep their weight under control.
    For a while I will probably start a few more threads so that I can get advice in making the correct changes; I’ve been doing the same low-budget thing for years, feeding all my beasts what has turned out to be not-so-good food, and it is difficult for me to make these changes when all choices are not equal.
    Thanks again for your answers here; I hope to hear from you in my other questions.

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