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    Mick M

    Who has the best and safe 5 star canned food. My GSD is a real picky eater

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    I personally avoid canned food except as an emergency backup. I prefer to presoak a quality kibble if a dog prefers wet food and add a topper of scrambled egg or cooked lean meat or chicken (for example).
    I limit my own intake of canned foods, it’s just common sense.

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    Stephanie B

    I’ve had good results feeding my dog (8yr choc lab) Weruva human style canned, ZiwiPeak, and Nature’s Variety Instinct. With canned food you have to be careful to look for the “gums” used as a thickening agent….like carrageenan. I have not personally tried it yet but I’ve read good things about Nature’s Logic canned as well. Best of Luck!

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    Hi Mick M-
    I guess I don’t have any common sense. I add canned food to my dogs’ morning meals. I stick to mostly budget friendly 5 star canned stews such as, 4Health, Pure Balance, Nature’s Domain and Variety’s Homestyle stews.

    In the evening, they get egg, tripe, sardines, or commercial raw nuggets in their kibble.

    Hope this helps!

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Mick M:
    Some 5 stars I feed are Wellness Core, Red Barn stews only, Life’s Abundance (both recipes), Tiki Dog, Weruva, Fromm Gold, and Holistic Select.

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    Marie P

    Let’s do some home-cooking.. I have an amazing Dog Meat loaf recipe .. let me know yif you want it.. Easy to cook

    Contact me via e-mail with your dogs weight ..


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    Crazy for cats I must really be void of common sense because I think kibble is the worst food u can feed. I feed canned weruva, petcurean said go fit but mostly I use THK base mix preference and add my own protein.of course I have a small yorkie so the cost is a lot less.

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    Wow, weezerweeks, you are really crazy too! 🙂

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    Weruva Human Style canned food is made in a human food kitchen if you consider that safe. Although human food has plenty of recalls, too.

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    Hi, its cheaper & more healthy making your own fresh home cooked meals then buying wet tin foods, especially when you have a German Shepherd, he’ll prefer nice cooked meals….. I make up batches weekly sometimes enough for a fortnight & freeze…..heaps of recipes online…. go on You Tube & look for “Dr Judy Morgan recipes” I think its her husband he’s always cooking up something & very easy if you get a crock pot or a big pot….. I make the meat loaf & make into 1/2 cup size rissoles & bake in oven…. Dr Morgan also has the supplements to balance the meals when your ready to feed….. http://www.drjudymorgan.com/articles/food-therapy/
    Dr Judy Morgan uses the Honest Kitchen base mixes as well you just add your meat….it will work out cheaper then tin foods at $4 a tin… I eat what Patch is eating when I cook up the batches of meals.. http://www.thehonestkitchen.com/dog-food

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    Jackie B

    There are plenty of canned foods on the Editor’s Choice section– all the foods there have been researched extensively so referring to that section is a real shortcut. I feed a rotation of some of these and a couple other brands that have good ingredients and customer service.

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