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    I have a 60-pound Beagle! Yup, 60 pounds. I have him on my own version of a diet, but am confused when thinking calorie-wise. For example, my best friend has a Boxer who she feeds 1500 calories a day. Is that enough? Sounds low to me, but then I’m thinking in human terms. I figured out that I’m feeding my boy 1034 calories per day. He is ALWAYS hungry, begging, searching counters. He gets the following per meal: 4 TBSP canned food (67 cals) added to 1 cup of kibble (325 cals), and he has TWO meals per day. I estimated ten biscuits (@ 25 cals each) because I have many visitors who give him a treat when they see him each day, plus I admit to being sucked in by his begging and those EYES! I’m happy with my dog food choices, but not happy about the cookies. How many calories is okay per day for diet purposes? How many calories per day is okay cookie-wise? Should I change from cookies to, say, liver treats (i.e., “Rollover”) cut up? Any advice will be very welcome, and thank you.

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    I wouldn’t worry too much about counting calories. Right now, your dog’s telling you he’s not satisfied after a meal. High quality kibble or whatever your own formula is must have high fiber, vitamins & minerals. The wrong mix will make him beg for more fatty treats. The first five ingredients listed are very imported, good meats. Meals and treats should be at the same time everyday, no extras from other people. Google “beagle weight chart”, follow the images to see where he’s at visually in weight then adjust the amount of food per day vs amount of exercise and satisfaction. You will eventually find the correct amount visually, not by calories. Exercise is a must and playtime with a toy or bully bone keeps his mind off of scrounging.

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    Do I call you “zc” or “Riley”? Thanks for your input. The only reason I counted the calories was to satisfy myself that I am not OVER feeding him. I’ll check the Beagle Weight Chart as you suggested. He is taller and longer than the Beagles you see in fox-hunting movies/paintings. My GUESS is that he should be around 40 pounds. As far as food choices, that’s why I joined THIS site. After lots of research (and remember that I’m in Canada), I chose Performatrim Ultra Grain Free because it has a good rating here. I’m also using their canned food, which unfortunately, has NOT been reviewed. Tell me if you agree with my kibble choice, will you? I am handicapped, so can’t walk Caesar myself, but I do put him on the Treadmill every day and it IS helping … AND he really enjoys it. And of COURSE he has a favourite toy and many others that he plays with. But he still scopes out the place for food regularly! I really appreciate your comments; you were the only one who commented and I thought a LOT of people would have opinions on the subject of calories! Thanks again, very much.

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