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    Does anyone have any good leads on deals buying in bulk the following:

    1)Canned Sardines?

    I would be especially interested in BPA-free cans, and any of the following will do: in water, in oil (best if olive), in tomato sauce (if not w/added sugar, bad stuff).

    The best I’ve found locally has been cheaper 15 ounce oval tins at Smart & Final, otherwise the dollar store or occasional dollar sales at the regular grocery store on 3.75 ounce tins.

    2)Organic Eggs, free range/humanely treated & vegetarian/natural fed — Omega 3

    I buy either from a local farm (expensive, but very fresh & chickens are well treated and fed) or Costco’s 24 pack of organic free range.

    3)Organic Natural Plain Yogurt with live cultures

    I’m not doing too well with this deal-wise, as I just buy from Trader Joe’s, and have not found a particular “good” brand, named or Trader Joe’s rebranded.

    My favorite (not at Trader Joe’s) in every way, save that it’s not organic (boo!), is Mountain High with the cream on top and several active live cultures.

    4)Cottage Cheese

    Best price I know is large size at Costco . . . though it’s not really THAT big for using with large dogs, and it’s not organic which would be better. I don’t know that it’s even that good of a price, considering usually one of the regular grocery stores is running a sale for the same price per ounce.

    Thanks for any ideas anyone might have! 🙂

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    You can ask your Costco if you buy by the case if they have a discount or seek out a restaurant supply company. They sometimes sell to the public.

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    Hmmm . . . never thought of that with Costco, will have to ask. Thanks!

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