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    Jennifer H

    Hi all! You all gave ma great advice when my Kaia was suffering from some intestinal issues, so thought I would get some additional ideas on foods. We currently have her on Canidae Pure Sky, which she seems to love. The vet recommended a hypoallergenic food, but the prices at the vet’s office for those foods is astronomical. They said Canidae would be a good option. However, after reading some other things on this site. I’m beginning to wonder if we made the right choice? She was on TOTW Roasted Fowl, which she loves as well. But I also noticed the Canidae was extremely high in protein.

    Can anyone recommend a budget-friendly dry food, that is lower in protein, that is grain-free and is a LID diet? What do you all think of Natural Balance?

    Thanks so much!

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    Pro Pac Ultimates Grain Free doesn’t have a very long ingredient list, and Nutrisource grain free Lamb Meal/Heartland Select/Seafood Select are below-average in protein. Earthborn grain free Meadow Feast/Weight Control/Large Breed formulas are around 25-26 protein.

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    While not particularly budget friendly, Nature’s Variety Instinct LID meets your other criteria. It’s calorically dense, so you do feed less than you might of some other foods. Also Wellness has a LID line that it’s pretty budget friendly and is also lower in protein.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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