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    Karen T

    We just rescued a 5 month old lab and we think Aussie mix. I don’t think she will get that big but who knows I guess….she is 22 pounds right now. I can’t afford the most expensive food so looking for something good, budget friendly and hopefully easy to get. Any ideas?

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    Z B

    This is what I am using in my current rotation :

    Walmarts Pure Balance puppy food, $1, 5 star
    Tractor Supply Store’s 4health beef and veggie stew $1, 5 star

    Rachael Ray Nutrish zero grain, available at walmart and and most supermarkets $22 for 14 lbs, 4 star
    Dr Tims Kinesis grain free, order online for $65-$75 for 40 lbs, 5 star

    I’ve also used Whole Earth Farms grain free, Petco has it ans maybe petsmart too.

    Walmart’s Pure balance Canned has a dedicated puppy food, and the others I listed are approved for all life stages.
    Pure Balance also has a dry grain free line, 4 star, budget friendly, but i wasn’t crazy about it
    and prob won’t use it again.

    I feed raw on the weekends with Sea Spot Live Longer premix. Cheapest boneless muscle meats I can find are chicken hearts ($1 per lb) and pork shoulder roast, has a small bone but easy to remove ($1.69 per lb). Raw pork products should be kept frozen for 2 weeks before serving (kills parasites apparently).

    Canned water packed sardines once or twice a week (65’cents per can),
    and a recreational pig foot or chicken foot once a week or so ($1 per lb)

    I saw frozen pigs heads at walmart for $1’per lb, but decided I don’t want that thing staring at me every time I open the freezer.

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    Z B

    A while back someone posted a nice list of decent budget foods that are available at walmart. If you do a search of this site for Walmart you should find it, or maybe someone will come along and post a link to that thread. Just make sure whatever you use is indicated for puppies, or all life stages.

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    Hi Karen T-
    I would definitely error on the side of caution and feed a food that has the proper calcium levels for a large breed puppy. Check out this link:


    NutriSource has a large breed puppy food that I have heard several recommend, there is also Pro Pac Large Breed puppy and Victor Select Lamb and/or Chicken and Rice recipes that would be appropriate. Wellness Core Puppy is grain free and a little more expensive, but would also be a good choice.

    I have two lab mix dogs. They can really be a handful, but the most loving, friendly dogs that we’ve ever had! Good luck. 🙂

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