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    Tiffany K

    What ideas does anyone have to make dry food more appealing and tasty that are budget friendly? I have been targeted as a “dump” site and am currently feeding eight dogs. Feeding them all Wellness is bankrupting me. I wanted them to have quality meals.

    I have added hot water to their kibble to make a gravy, and and have also made them oatmeal on many occasions to keep things interesting. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Pat G

    you can add eggs, l like to poach them, fresh veggie’s and fruit these help expand the kibble and are healthy.
    I’m not big on giving a lot of treats so I save money there.

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    If you’re looking for canned, I have a thread “let’s talk canned” in the nutrition forum. Lots of good priced ideas there.

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    Hi Tiffany-
    I am all about budget friendly! The best valued can food, IMO, is Costco’s Natures Domain Turkey and Pea Stew, Walmart’s Pure Balance, and Tractor Supply’s 4health canned. They are mostly all rated 5 stars. I also use eggs and sardines a few times a week as well. The best prices for sardines are at Winco or Walmart. Walmart also sells a brand of canned called Variety that is a little more expensive, but cheaper than most.
    If you have Victor dry food in your area, it is more budget friendly than Wellness. Those are lucky dogs you are taking care of. Thank you!

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    Jenny Rellick

    Frozen or salt-free canned green beans are great low-calorie and economical add-in. Sugar-free pumpkin and no-sugar added sweet potatoes are great mix-ins for new dogs who may have an upset tummy from transitioning to a new home with new food. Is there a no-kill rescue or shelter that will let you foster your 8 dogs? They could help cover some of the costs and find a forever homes for the “dumped” dogs. My dog and his brother were dumped by an amusement park in a rural area and wandered around for months before anyone helped them. A no-kill shelter 100 miles away took them and paid for their medical rehabilitation, so there may be a rescue somewhere that will help you foster you dogs. Thank you for caring for these helpless dogs.

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    Tiffany K

    Yes, I have tricked them into thinking a carrot is a big deal. Thank you for the response!

    Do you think it is safe to give the eggs raw as a food topper?

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    Tiffany K

    I love your cats!
    Thank you much, that is such good info. It is hard to love animals in Eastern North Carolina. Just driving home today I had to get puppies out the road. Who are these people? Aliens?

    They just don’t care. They chain up their dogs and leave them in the boiling sun and blistering cold. It makes my heart hard….it is good to remember there are people like you here on the forum.

    I went to Tractor Supply and got the 4Health and the Wholesomes. It is 3 stars but I can spruce it up with sardines and apples.

    I was able to get 40 lbs of sweet potatoes for $18.00 This will last a long time and is so healthy.

    Thank you for responding.

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    Tiffany K

    Hi Jenny!

    Four of the dogs were “mine” and the other four were dumped over the past year. I may have found a home for one, but my idea of what constitutes good dog stewardship is vastly different from my neighbors. I really have to vet the backgrounds because these dogs have been through enough.
    I have a huge fenced in back yard and then I let all but one come inside. It is not as bad as it sounds as I live alone and have a larger home. A chow mix I call Carleen is terrified to come inside,(when I was cutting the mats out of her back legs she was trembling so violently, it was terrible) so I bought her an insulated dog house with a heating pad, and then put the dog house in my attached garage. I then put a rotating ceramic heater about 3 feet away from her. This is where she goes when night falls. She is warm as toast on the few nights it was cold, snug as a bug and when I peek at her, she is snoozing soundly. She is cat aggressive, which is unfortunate because she is a love bug and is so obedient. But, until I can find a five star, no child, no cat home, they are better off with me.

    But I can’t take on anymore. It is too much. It is a losing battle here. I took one dog to an no kill animal shelter because I was not sure about him with my small dogs and I gave them a $300 donation to insure he was taken care of. The Sampson County animal “shelter” does not even have photos of dogs for adoption on petfinder. It is disgusting. It is something I can’t dwell on because I cannot change these people’s minds about dogs. They throw them a dirty bowl of Old Roy (not Pure Balance!) at the end of their chain and call it day. If you knew how many times I have risked arrest to make sure these dogs on chains have water in the boiling summers. I have cut it close. It is scary but in my DNA…I will never stop.

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    Raw eggs a couple times a week are fine, but probably not every day. Lightly cook them the rest of the time.

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