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    Kristin S

    We have two very strong chewers – an adult great dane-shepherd mix that weighs 130lbs and a bullmastiff puppy that weighs 40lbs at 4 months old. Our dogs are our children and we spoil them. I spend A LOT of money to make sure they are healthy and happy. My husband and I both work so we are in need of chew treats that meet the following needs:
    1. Safe to eat unsupervised.
    2. Long lasting
    3. Doesn’t give stinky breath
    4. Budget Friendly

    We currently use hooves, bully sticks, edible nylabones, rib bones and marrow bones. I would love to know if anyone has additional recommendations. Thanks!

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    Hi Kristin S-

    I also have two strong chewers. The only thing that I can come up with that I would feel safe leaving my dogs alone with would be a Kong. Someone mentioned this idea a while back. I soak some kibble for a few minutes and pour out most of the water and add a little bit of canned to the wet kibble. Then I stuff it in the Kong and put it in the freezer. By getting the kibble a little soft and wet before freezing, it makes it take a lot longer for my dogs to dig it out. Other types of chews and bones, I would never feel comfortable leaving them alone with. I do put their bullysticks in vice grips before I give it to them. Making me feel a little more at ease. They are getting better about gulping and swallowing their treats. But, I’m still concerned. Good luck!

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    You can stuff Kongs with all kinds of things and that makes them new and different every time.

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    personally i dont know if i even feel safe leaving my dog with a kong alone, particuarly if its a strong chewer. i’ve seen some pittbulls decimate the black x-strength kongs and take off chunks of rubber that they could definitely choke on if not supervised.

    That being said i use bully sticks for my dog as i dont have to worry about teeth cracks, and they are edible. i dont completely understand the logic of putting them in vicegrips, i’m not saying that is wrong i just dont understand it and would always be open to an explanation of why this was a good idea. one treat i just recently tried that i liked alot but it depends on your dog is the turkey feet from bestbullysticks.com …if you have a dog that doesnt fully chew their treats and gulps do not get these, if you want to leave your dog alone do not get them, but other then wanting to leave your dog unsupervised with one i think they fit most of your criteria and are HUGE and great for large dogs that fully chew their treats but again i cant emphasize enough they have to be supervised, but meet the rest of your criteria and are a great treat for large dogs as they are huge…I have an 85lb akita who was 35lbs at four months and over 60 at 5 months and she did great with their turkey feet, she fully consumed the whole thing and it lasted her about an hour, but with a more powerful chewer that was 100lbs+ i only give it 30 minutes, but still a good price for what you get…i also recommend bestbullysticks.com jumbo and monster bully sticks to you, they have the jumbo in stock right now, but again i do not suggest leaving your dog alone with these or any treat, even a kong….

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    Wendy L

    Im no expert but I would seriously suggest you rethink the antler and hooves. They could seriously hurt your dogs mouths causing tooth fractures and bleeding mouth. As or the bones you should probably get are knucklebones that are large enough for them not to be able to fit in their mouths before first use, and they should be found in refrigerators in stores because the ones found at room temperature are treated with chemicals that arentgood for your dogs… oh and if you get an extreme kong, that I’ve noticed in the comments, buy one that’s big enough. If you think a size is the right size, go up a size from that. I’ve just done lots of research and that’s what ive collected from months of research

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