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    Mick M

    Who has tried brothers complete. I’ve tried orijen her stool was to soft. Tried the acana singles duck and pear the NEw
    W formula from Kentucky and she didn’t want to eat it. So now I’m trying brothers complete. Thank you

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    It;s been awhile but I’ve used it.

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    I use it fairly often and am using it now. Two of my 3 dogs do really great on it. The third dog has food allergies, so can’t use their brand.

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    Lourdes P

    I think is great food and worth a try–they have samples. My PICKY 16 yr-old Aussie used to love it (the kibble turkey/egg convo)–she can’t have chicken; I got her about 4-5 bags within a span of four months and eventually she got tired, even though I was feeding other food (wet) for variety). I try to do rotation, but since she was loving it, I got lazy about doing the rotations. It has been 7 months now, maybe try it again. My dog has itching issues too and also suspected cushing’s. The itching was not noticeable with Brothers’; however, it could be that I bath her with a medicated shampoo once a week to keep the itching down.

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    Mick M

    Thank you for info. I’m having a hard time finding the rite food. Lourdes P what kind of can food do you use and what kind does everyone else prefer

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    Mick M


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    Hi, if she doesn’t do well (Sloppy Poo) or like taste of the Brothers Complete, give Canidae Pure formulas a go…….Look at the new Canidae Pure formulas, Pure Meadow, Pure Land, Pure Wild, if your dog is small look at the Pure Fields the fat & protein is lower then some of the other Pure formulas like Pure Sea, Pure Sky & Pure Elements….
    also with the soft poo’s look for a lower fat % & lower protein %….. also rotate a few kibbles so she doesn’t get bored, feed 1 brand for breakfast & a different brand & protein for dinner or a cooked meal for 1 meal & kibble for the other meal, keep it exciting I have about 4 different kibbles in the cupboard….

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    For canned foods, I’ve been using Wellness Stews, Weruva Human Style, Tiki Dog, Hound and Gatos, Nature’s Logic and previously Merrick.

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    Pugmomsandy – It seems as though I can’t find the Wellness ‘stews’ anymore. Did they remove their stews and go with the new ‘Hearty Cuts in Gravy’?

    Edit: Nevermind! The Wellness Core came out with Hearty Cuts in Gravy. The regular Wellness Stews are still there. Silly me!

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    Susan R

    My dogs used to love Orijen. But now they refuse the Kentucky made brand. It gave them terrible diarrhea.

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    Susan W

    If you’re still looking for an alternative, contact VeRUS pet foods for a sample of their dry dog food. My dogs do extremely well on it – no loose stools or diarrhea issues. They have a really informative website & after you’ve read about them, you can fill out a contact form. The VP will email you & ask questions, then make recommendations based on your answers, THEN they’ll send you samples (instead of coupons). THEN, when you decide you need to feed it, you can go to PetFlow & get a discount for autoship. 🙂

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