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    Donna D

    I have been curious about something I read where a person commented that any pet food using the words “Farm” or “Country” is worthless. Is this just prejudicial or is there a valid reasoning for that comment?

    I would also request a review regarding “Farm Table” and “Country Lane” dog and cat foods be made. I have searched online and am unable to locate a content listing (Which bothers me, of course.) and when I went to the old local Orscheln store they had virtually no products with that brand name in stock, in spite of the fact that they advertise it for sale. (This business has been recently bought by the Corporation “Bomgaars”, which also owns Tractor Supply businesses, in case that is important to know.

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    Jason S

    I would steer clear of brands you can’t find the online existence of. Pet food often gets recalled due to various reasons and known brands may just be repackaging recalled food to minimize losses.

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