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    Mike A

    Hi everybody, my name is Mike and Im an owner of a almost 3 year old Boxer. I’ve come here for advise on how to deal with pancreatitis.

    So, as I mentioned before I have a Boxer named Kolbie and shes 3 years old and weighs in about 65 pounds. She has had an issue with an upset tummy, arched up back, drueling, and wont eat from time to time the past year or so. It always seemed to clear up by days end so we never thought too much of it and it didnt happen very often. As of late, the instances increased and she has since been diagnosed with pancreatitis. We were feeding her Taste of the Wild, and Mother Hubbard peanut butter flavored treats. We would also put peanut butter in her kong for her as an extra treat also and this was a daily thing. I would also give her marrow bones to chew on and have since learned the marrow is high in fat.
    She has been on Purina HA now for almost 6 weeks as prescribed by our vet and we have cut out all the extra stuff and the pancreatitis episodes have stopped. I have been adding boiled chicken and rice to the food to make it more appetizing for her. I have noticed since being on the food she has lost about 3 pounds, her coat has dulled and she seems to be shedding more. I would like to get her off this food and back to a better diet but I have no idea where to start. A raw diet is not possible for me to do on a daily basis so I would like to feed her a high quality kibble and I dont mind adding boiled chicken and rice to it if thats a good thing to do.
    I was going to put her back on TOTW and nix all the other fatty stuff but after reading the bad reviews from forum members I am reluctant. So I guess what I am getting at is I need some help to choose a quality food and treat to keep my pup healthy and happy.
    Thanks for reading and I’ll be happy for any advise and suggestions.

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    I like Wysong, but my dog that has a sensitive stomach seems to do the best on Nutrisca dry (fish) with a little water added and a bite of cooked chicken or lean meat.
    She has never been diagnosed with pancreatitis, however, she has allergies and can’t tolerate frozen beef marrow bones either. Consider what the homeopathic vets have to say too. http://www.vitalanimal.com

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    Bobby dog

    Mike A:
    I would ask your Vet what protein, fat, and fiber %’s to look for in a new food. Each dog with pancreatitis will have a different threshold for what they can tolerate. When you find a brand you like I suggest calling the manufacturer and asking what the maximum percentages of each are in the food; most times they only list minimums.

    I feed lower fat kibbles to my dog to help maintain his ideal body condition. I am not sure if these foods would be appropriate for your dog, but here’s a few I feed Annamaet Lean, Nature’s Variety Healthy Weight, Wellness Core Weight Management, and Precise Holistic Complete Senior. For low fat canned foods I feed Wellness Core Reduced Fat, Innova Large Breed Sr., and Weruva’s Marbella Paella, Paw Lickin’ Chicken, and Bed and Breakfast recipes. I have Fromm’s Four Star Shredded Chic or Beef and Petsmart’s Simply Nourish bisque or stew foods on my list to try.

    Here’s a few articles about pancreatitis:
    Good luck!

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    Yes, I forgot to mention, my neighbor’s dog that has GI issues and is a picky eater does well on Fromm’s dry. I have not tried it though.

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    Mike A

    Thanks for the replies. Im just overwhelmed by the amount information here and I wanted to get a starting point. I was surprised by some of the negative reviews on TOTW and am not sure what to feed her that is low in fat but still gives her the nutrition she needs.

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    Hi Mike, peanut butter TOTW marrow bones these are all HIGH in fat, Now that you know all this, you must keep her fat LOW Dogs can die from Pancreatitis….There’s a really good group on yahoo called “Dogpancreatitis” join the group, you will learn so much & there’s a few boxers in the group…. a few ladies in that group feed “Canine Cavier” Special Needs fat is 9% “Honest Kitchen” Zeal 8.5% fat….
    you must stay 10% & under in fat for kibble, if you feed wet tin food stay 2% & under, wet is better for Pancreatitis, I even had to lower the Protein cause of acid reflux, some dogs with Pancreatitis will get Acid Reflux, being on a lower fat diet they will start to lose weight so increase the feed, I use to feed wet food for Breakfast then Kibble for lunch & dinner, to keep the weight on… You’ll work it out, Please read the Fat% in everything you put in Kolbies mouth,…
    Love Boxers, I lost my girl 3 years ago to Mast Cell Tumors, so watch those lumps, You see a lump, Please have it tested, I didn’t…..

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