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    Randi M

    Hey! I am looking for a little help. I recently had my 4 year old Boston Terrier allergy tested. I just got the results back and am having a very difficult time finding an appropriate food for her so I’m hoping others can help!

    Her list of food allergies include
    -white potato

    Does anyone here know of any foods that don’t include these ingredients? I am having no luck with any of our local pet stores. It has been suggested I try a raw diet for her but I am hoping to avoid this! I work 12 hour shift work and have to take her to a “sitter” while I work so a dry food would be best.

    My vet suggested “Iams Veterinary Diet Skin and Coat Plus KO”. I haven’t heard many positive reviews on Iams or this food so I am unsure.

    I have just transitioned her to Nature’s Variety Instinct Lamb Meal. This one is free of all her allergens with the exception of peas. Peas are the third ingredient on the list. I had no idea she was allergic to peas and I had never noticed a reaction to them before. I would really like to keep her on a 4-5 star food.
    Thank you in advance for any help!!

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    Dog allergy testing is sketchy at best. If she has no reaction to peas….maybe she can handle them?

    If you want to stick directly to that list, I’d look at homeade honestly. Next is dehydrated or canned. I perused a few lid kibbles that I thought of and none were free of the full list

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    When you had ur girl allergy tested what sought of test did she have, did she have the test like us humans have where they mark a part on ur back & tape sections & its left on the back for 2 days then when you go back you can see what made the skin real red & irritated.
    I read that you work but maybe ur better to cook small meals & freezing about 2 weeks worth then slowly adding a new food every 2 weeks an elimantion diet cause thats alot of things to be allergic to..We are getting a animal Dermatoligist in 2 months & I’m having my boy tested but Ive heard that the blood test is a waste of money, I want him to have the human allergy test done.

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    It seems like I have heard around here that allergy tests are usually very inaccurate. You can take the same dog in for a test three different times and have each result differ. I’d try an elimination diet for a while, using these suspect foods (usually done by a home made simple diet and adding one suspect allergen at a time to see if a reaction occurs).

    It’ll take a while for an elimination diet, but that’s about the only way you can tell for sure.

    I don’t know too many foods’ ingredient lists. Seems like Victor uses Sorghoum instead of rice/barley as the carb source. I know a home made/raw diet is tricky to do, but it might be easier if you could possibly grind the meat/supplements and portion out daily meals in the freezer? Then when you take her to the pet sitter, you can just give her a container. This might be a possibility at least until you could find a food that works well 🙂

    Also agree with aquariangt, there will probably be no easily accessible kibble that avoids all those ingredients (assuming that she really /does/ react to them all), so canned may be a better option since it’s much easier to avoid problem ingredients.

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    Dr E’s Limited Ingredient Diet grain free buffalo:


    Only Natural Pet’s MaxMeat beef:

    Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Beef Recipe Air-Dried Complete & Balanced Dog Food and Topper

    Also ZiwiPeak air dried food at ziwipeak.com. And Hound & Gatos canned foods. Houndgatos.com.

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    Lacy L

    Randi m. ,
    I’m sure you already found a food for your fur baby but I wanted to let you know that Zignature make a great food for our pups with allergies. My baby loves the kangaroo formula and she’s allergic to everything! But this works for her 🙂

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