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    Linda J

    I don’t give my dog rawhide bones, unless I’m watching, and even then I don’t like to give them because of processing. They do wonders at keeping my dogs teeth clean though. What other chew items are good for scrubbing teeth? My dog doesn’t like nylabones at all. And I know real bones can splinter, whether they are cooked or not. What’s left???

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    Laura M

    I use antlers, the ones that are cut down the middle and expose a large section of the inner portion are really good for chewing. I also use rawhide, but the only brand I buy is Wholesome Hide, made in the USA and of superior quality. Of course you always have to watch, as you mention, no matter what you give them to chew. Another thing I use is made by Zuke’s, dental bones carrot flavor. I know they were bought by a large company but the quality doesn’t seem to have changed and my dogs love them. Good luck in finding things both you approve of and your dogs like.

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    I have tried all bones of all kinds and some are just downright dangerous, one snag in the tract and it’s over. Surgery won’t even save your dog. I only now trust Barkworthies Odor-Free Joint & Mobility 6″ Bully Sticks Dog Treats and Zuke’s Dental Bones in berry crisp formula.

    I do not give it daily either, chewing things do not clean away plaque and bacteria. I use Virbac’s C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste in vanilla-mint flavor. My boys don’t like brushes so I scrub with a thin cotton towel wrapped around my finger. I only brush the stubborn stains on the back tooth.

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    Christine W

    I give them twice a week a bully stick,only made in the US.I used to give them duck feet,which is what the breeder gave me,but they seemed to splinter.I stopped them.

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    Look at Raw Feeding Miami, they have a good selection of non processed rawhide type of chews. They have a special shipping rate for non raw food.

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    Linda J

    Thanks for the great ideas! I’ll check them out!

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    sophia s

    Have you tried himalayan dog chews? My dog goes nuts for these.
    I also like Merrick’s grain-free dental chews and Zuke’s Zbones.

    If you don’t find a suitable chew option, you might consider toothpaste for dogs. I brush my dog’s teeth with CET’s Enzymatic Poultry Flavor toothpaste–he loves it. It’s a treat for him, and if you have dog(s) that won’t allow you to brush their teeth, I know that some people have had success with squeezing some toothpaste on a cotton rope toy and letting their dogs clean their teeth that way.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with your search!

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