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    Jennifer V

    My 4 yr. old Lucy (unknown breed) has recently been diagnosed with cancer. I know what chemo and radiation does to a person, so rather than putting my Lucy through that, I’ve decided to first try the holistic approach. I went out and bought Blue Wilderness (bison, dry) and began feeding it to Lucy and Bells (pug/chihuahua). Initially, they both loved it! Then, after about two weeks, Lucy began having diarrhea everyday and she quit eating and Bella just quit eating too. Lucy began eating again last night, but Bella hasn’t eaten now for four days. Feeling horrible, I even tried to feed her, her old food (Purina), and she won’t even eat that. These two dogs have never had any issues with their appetite, typically they’ll eat anything. They’re definitely not picky dogs, until now.
    I did some research and found this site regarding the same issue from hundreds of other people.


    These are obviously only the people that’s taken the time to complain in writing. What I want to know is why this happening, and seeing as so many people are having these issues, why is Blue Wilderness the Editors Choice???

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    My major concern with your post is that you are saying that Bella has not eaten in four days. Regardless of whether this food is on EC’s choice or not, you have much more to be concerned about.

    Please find a food that Bella will eat asap. As far as Lucy is concerned, I too have a dog with Cancer. She is a 15 year old Maltese with bladder and lung cancer. To date she remains asymptomatic. I have done extensive research since her diagnosis three months ago and all roads lead to raw food diet for canine’s with cancer. Fortunately my three dogs have been on raw dog food diet for at least a couple of years now. Obviously because of Hannah’s age and also because she is asymptomatic which have chosen not to go the chemo and radiation route. I have put her on K9 Immunity Plus which has been recommended by many on the various canine cancer sites. I have also added Denamarin to her diet which is a combination of milk thistle and Sam-e. Also I give her turmeric & curcumin daily (helps with inflammation). So far she continues to do well. Eating, drinking, playing, barking at anything that passes by (be it a car, person, or animal). We give her tons and tons of love, massages, and hugs.

    Good Luck, I hope all goes well and that you can find a food that your dogs will eat.

    Forgot to mention that because I feed my dogs raw, they eat no grains whatsoever. No corn, potatoes, rice, soy. I feed a high protein, moderate fat, low carb diet to all my girls. I also feed them organic fruits and veggies as treats. I don’t feed any commercial treats.

    I not feed BB or Purina under any circumstances. If you are going to continue to feed a dry food though, you should add water to it. Of course, I would urge commercial raw foods, especially for Lucy, Bella can also certainly benefit from a commercial raw diet. But if not raw, then I would urge you to find a freeze dried or dehydrated dog food.

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    I would never feed Blue Buffalo either. It’s actually not on the Editor’s Choice list.

    I think I’d look for a quality canned food.

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    3rding the comment about Blue. I won’t touch it.

    What about dehydrated? I don’t have much experience with canine cancer-and the people I have talked to about it I’ve steered towards commercial raw-but a dehydrated food may be efficient for you. Canine Caviar also totes being the best kibble for cancer

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    I have fed both Wilderness and the regular from time to time, and while not thrilled with the regular version, I can’t complain about the Wilderness. However, no matter the brand, one must be aware of complaints and take them into consideration.

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    Jennifer V

    I think being in a hotel for a week was just stressing Bella out, because no matter what I attempted to feed her (except her blueberry Palma Granit treats), she refused to eat. As soon as we came home she began to eat again.
    As for Lucy, her diarrhea isn’t nearly as bad as it has been in the previous week. I’m thinking that the switch from regular name brand food, to the grain free Blue Wilderness, possibly was just a shock to her system. After some additional research I found that many dogs find switching to an organic/grain free food can have a temporary negative affect on their bowels.
    Thank you all for your suggestions and genuine concern for my girls. It’s awesome to have a place to come and talk to others who feel just as I do regarding their pets. I have no children, so Bella & Lucy are my kids.
    I do still think I’m going to switch to a different grain free/organic food. I want them to be excited about what they’re eating, and the Blue Wilderness isn’t it. Does anyone have any suggestions about a dry, organic, grain free dog food that would be good for both of my dogs?
    Thank you

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    If you’re wanting organic, that’s going to limit your options to only a small handful of products. I read an article recently that many organic foods contain ingredients that may not be organic, particularly meals.

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