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    Has anyone heard of Blue Ridge Beef Raw Dog Food? Does anyone know what’s in it and have any experiences with it? As always, thanks. Dori

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I’m pretty sure it’s just grinds, like the stuff sold by Hare and MPC.

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    From my research it seems that the company is connected to a company that gets rid of DDDD livestock. The name is escaping me but once you Google “Blue Ridge Beef and Lea controversy” (I think the other company’s name was Lea-something) it should pop up.

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    Thanks Naturella. I’ll be passing on this food.

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    Donna R

    If you look back a bit there are more posts about blue ridge beef. The other company is called Lea-Way Farm. It seems shady to me. Also their prices are way too inexpensive.

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    I have been feeding my dogs Blue Ridge for about 5 years, but have recently switched to Primal Raw because I had noticed my dog’s feces looking really black and soft and was somewhat concerned. At that same time, I read some comments on that Blue Ridge Beef’s Owner, Steven Lea, owns a collection facility that picks up dead, diseased, and dying animals. The mailing address is the same for both companies. I was mortified when I read that. So I did some research and found more information regarding same. So then I contacted Dee at Blue Ridge Beef’s office and she could not adequately put my fears to rest. She told me that “anyone that has common sense would realize there would be no future in us selling diseased food to our valued pets.” Now, mind you, I have been a customer of theirs for 5 years!! She did not directly address my question regarding rendered meat being in their products other than referring to what my common sense should tell me which was quite offensive and infuriating. To me owning a pet food company and a collection facility for dead, diseased, and dying animals is a HUGE conflict of interest. In addition, apparently the owner, Steven Lea, applied for a permit to build a Rendering Plant, but the city commission was not keen on the idea, so Steven Lea withdrew his application. Needless to say, I am not feeding my dogs Blue Ridge Beef anymore. I have switched to Primal Formula. They have a freeze dried formula that my dogs love. It is 100% human grade raw meat and I feel safer with this product. It’s a little more expensive, but well worth it.

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