Blue pit and terrible skin allergies.

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    Michelle R

    We have tried EVERYTHING. Food changes allergy meds,bathing seems to make it much worse. I am at a loss,if anyone could recommend anything I haven’t tried I would be SO greatful.

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    Make an appointment with a specialist/dermatologist ASAP.

    Please check the search engine here, this subject comes at least once a week. People are reluctant to go to a specialist because they are concerned about the cost, and yet they end up spending much more going back and forth to the regular vet and trying all kinds of gobbledygook remedies.

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    “It sounds like environmental allergies, I went through this with my dog and did not have good results till I took her to a dermatologist. Wasted a year going back and forth to the regular vet. Tried all kinds of diets, nothing helped”.
    ” She is stable now x 4 years, we see the specialist once a year. They can still have occasional flare-ups even with successful treatment, and it can take up to a year to see results, however I saw improvement right away”.

    Regarding the cost, I gave up cable and eating out, more than covered it.

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    The natural stuff won’t kill the dust mite
    “A common environmental allergen is the household dust mite, also known as Cockroach, American and Tyropagus putrecentiae. And, no, you don’t have to have cockroaches in your home. These microscopic particles are everywhere, airborne and on the skin of all living things…including you! Constantly being shed all year round”.

    Malaseb shampoo will help, especially if you follow directions and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. It is very gentle, not drying.

    I found Malaseb helpful in conjunction with other treatments recommended by my dog’s dermatologist, alone it would only help a little bit.
    It is best to consult a specialist.

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    You may find something helpful here:

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    Hi Michelle-

    Would you be able to explain his/her symptoms to me the best you can and when you notice them? Do the symptoms ever go away? If so, when?

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    Hi have you seen a Dermatologist?? a Dermatologist is the best place to start google one in your area they are a bit dearer then a vet but in the long run you will save money cause all vets do is relieve the itch with drugs & don’t find the cause of the problem…

    With my boy it’s Food sensitivities & seasonal environment allergies….I don’t give any steroids as they suppress the immune system or antibiotics as they kill all the good bacteria in the gut & they need a healthy gut to have a strong immune system…. It sounds like you have been going around in circle….
    With food did you try elimination diet ? 1 novel protein, 1 carb & feed for 2 months & add dog Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oil, with kibbles it’s too hard, unless you feed a kibble that just has 2-3 ingredients like “California Natural” Lamb & Rice, a few people use this kibble instead of feeding the vet diets…..

    With the shampoo which one did you use ? you have to make sure your using the right shampoo for the skin problem your dealing with….. Baths are the best for skin problems, you wash away any allergens & pollens on their skin & fur & if they have yeasty smelly skin, shampoos like Malaseb kill the bacteria & relieve any itch & redness they may have.
    I use Malaseb medicated shampoo twice a week in the Spring/Summer months & once maybe twice a month give baths in the Winter months…..It depends if he’s starting to smell & itch at the moment it’s Winter & Patch has no yeasty smell & isn’t itchy, so I must have his diet right finally as soon as he eats a kibble with Barley & chicken he starts scratching & starts to smell yeasty, gets red paws, red under his mouth/chin & sometimes hive like lumps all over the white fur section of his body…when it’s food sensitivities some dogs have sloppy poos, bad farts/gas etc, it starts to do your head in…..
    I take Patch for a walk & he’s fine, no itch, nothing, we go for a walk & Patch might walk under a tree or smell a bush that he’s sensitive too, then in 1/2 to 1 hour later he’ll get his hive like lumps all over the white fur on his body & start to itch, sometimes he doesn’t itch when he has his hive lumps… also when you change diet, add new supplements, bath in a new shampoo etc, you have to do 1 thing at a time, if you try a new supplement or add a new ingredient to the diet, it must be done with nothing else new added to diet or put on their skin that day or week, even treats you can not give a little treat cause it may have something he’s sensitive too…..Keep a diary….my vet said you’ll start to see a pattern & I did, I was at the vets the same times every year March/April & November/December that’s when vet said he’s got Seasonal Environment Allergies… & with food sensitivities it can take anywhere from 1 day to 6 weeks to show any symptoms…Patch was eating Wellness Simple he was doing really well then on the 4-5 week his poos started to get real smelly, yellow & soft, so I emailed Wellness & the lady said he’s probably sensitive to an ingredient, it happened on the Wellness Complete health kibbles as well.. so I rotate his kibbles now find, a few limited ingredient kibbles he does good on & rotate before the month is up.. I also cook his dinner, Pork & Sweet Potato & add DigestaVite Plus powder & Dog Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oil, so the meal is balanced…
    It’s best to see a Dermatologist….. I’ve joined a Face Book group called “Dog issues, allergies and other information support group”
    the admins that run the group are very helpful so are the ladies in the group, they have links of Dermatologist in your area, prices & cost for blood test, some of the ladies do injections once a week, once the Dermatologist finds out what your dog my be sensitive too, then the Dermatologist de sensitises your dog from that allergen…has your dog been tested for mites?? also are you feeding chicken a lot of the Bull breeds Staffys /Pit Bulls are sensitive to chicken & have skin problems….

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    Marie P

    HI there .. I can help with a special home cooking recipe just for your baby .. I see you have tried everything.. I bet you have Environmental and food allergies. Contact me and we can chat about some testing your Vet can do in the future . Also, NO charge to give you a recipe for home cooking

    Contact me at

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    Hi Marie,

    We welcome the casual mention of and links to any other legitimate website.

    However, please be sure to respect our Commenting Policy which states:

    “We do not allow spam of any kind. This includes the repeated posting of links to any website in which you have a vested interest — and for the apparent purpose of promoting that site.

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    Thanks for your cooperation.

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    If this has already been discussed as a possibility, please disregard as I am new and have yet to learn the ins and outs of navigating the forum.
    Also, has this dog had a thyroid test done?

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