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    Lani R

    I have a 4month old Blue Picardy Spaniel and I’m wondering what’s the best type of food to feed him. His breed is pretty rare in the US and it’s difficult to find concrete information.

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    joanne l

    Did you ask a Vet? I don’t know if they require a special food or not. I never heard of that breed. I hope someone here can help you. I just found this on the internet:
    Food/Diet. The Blue Picardy Spaniel is a medium-sized breed so you should choose a high-quality dog food formulated for dogs of its size. It is also important to remember that this is a high-energy hunting breed, so an active, working breed, or high-performance blend may be more appropriate.
    Maybe try Victor puppy food. It can be found on Chewy’s website.

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    Here you go!

    Consider one of the Fromm Large Breed Puppy Formulas:

    And of course, check with your vet when you bring your pup in for routine care (in example: rabies shot)

    I no longer use Chewy as they are owned by PetSmart. But that’s your choice.
    More info here

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    I would agree with joanne here, that a vet physical exam appointment w/diet and care consult is your best bet for a prudent approach with your new puppy.

    While not a recognized breed in the U.S. by the AKC — and, as you say, fairly uncommon — I would also seek out information from a reputable international/non-breed club that does recognize the breed.

    Maybe try the FCI or French parent breed club (since Picardy is French origin, like Picardy Shepherds “Berger Picard” that I am more acquainted with as a herding dog person, lol!)?

    Longterm, ethical breeders who show (conformation) or are active (competition/titling) in their breed’s activities/work, are typically a wealth of knowledge for how to care for the puppies, including growing nutritional needs. They will know which health issues are a concern for your breed and the role nutrition plays (along with other care). Contact with top show and working breeders, handlers, and judges in my breed club has always been tremendously helpful.

    Good luck with your puppy!

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