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    Sarah N

    My boyfriend and I have a one year old french bulldog boston terrier mix. We bought blue buffalo puppy food (lamb and oatmeal, and chicken and brown rice) for her because we thought it would provide her with the best health benefits. We fed her this from September (when we got her) up until a few days ago. About a month ago she started throwing up almost everyday. We thought it was the Nylabone, but once that was taken away the vomit continued. It got to the point where none of the food was even digesting and coming up in the vomit with clear mucus. Then things got really bad. She had constipation, then diarrhea, followed by excessive drooling (like a waterfall), started shaking, and kept trying to vomit. We took her to the vet immediately the vet insisted it was the food we were giving her. The vet said her entire body was affected- especially her major organs. We put her on a beef, quinoa, and veggie diet. Her vomiting completely stopped and her bowels are regulated again. Feeding her this diet is extremely expensive and we want to get her on a dry dog food diet again (or at least partly for one meal a day). What do we buy? We already thought we bought the best and have no idea where to turn now. Any advice would be great. We just want our little girl to be healthy and active.

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    Hi, you are better off feeding a wet diet, either cooked or wet tin food, kibble is harder to digest…. was she put on any medications from the vet?? start looking for a low fat wet tin food instead of a kibble, fat% around 3% & under for wet tin foods or if you do want to try a kibble again buy a limited ingredient kibble something like “Canine Caviar Special Needs” I soak my boys kibble in water till kibble is soft then I drain water fully, then I put the soaked kibble in a blender for a few seconds & the kibble comes like wet tin food, but I’m finding my boy does best on either low fat wet tin foods or cooked meals that I freeze & take out as needed….

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    Sarah N

    Thank you so much for the advice. She is currently on a few different medicines right now. We are giving her a digestive enzyme, an antibiotic, and medicine to support her liver. The vet said many of her organs were impacted by the vomiting and bowel issues. When the vomiting first started I did soak her food in some water and she threw it up.

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    My dog that has a sensitive stomach does well on Nutrisca salmon and chickpea as a base, also, have you checked out what Wysong has to offer? Chewy. com is worth checking out for delivery and prices.

    I’m leery of all kibble but I have had good luck with these two.

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    Dixie W

    I have been reading a lot of good comments on Onijen dog food. My Boston Terrier has Cushing’s and I have been trying to find a food that will give him the protein he needs for his legs strength but low in carbs. He is a senior dog( 12 years) and not a puppy but you can check out and maybe get helpful info. I also got great information from the U of TN vet school on food and supplements. I have 3 other boston’s so they will never get any more “junk” dog food either! I’m making home cooked meals now and using supplements for the proper vitamins etc that they need. I grind up everything in the food processor to make it easier for him to chew. Good luck with you r new baby.

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