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    Jennifer P

    I am a new member as of 30 minutes ago. I have been researching food for months and there are so many mixed reviews so I thought I would become a member and ask other pet food experts. I have 4 Great Danes and I have 3 of them on a form of Blue Buffalo. This food is rated 4 out of 5 but it’s not on the editors choice list. As I am crazy paranoid about having the PERFECT food I just wanted to know why it wouldn’t be on the editors choice and perhaps I need to switch to a food that is listed? Thoughts?

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    I believe there is a few other threads around here that discuss this very topic if you poke around.

    Editor’s Choice really focuses on not just the food but the company itself. Blue is a bit shady in a lot of their practices, and while it looks excellent on paper (and many people do well on it) there are also a lot of people who don’t do well on it for no real reason, which can be concerning. Purina recently sued them for false advertising, but I haven’t actually seen the outcome, though Blue’s response didn’t win them any points with me. I’ve only used it as a transition once for a puppy that I got, so I don’t have much experience for it myself.

    My other comment, is because Blue has become so commercialized, it’s sort of expensive for the quality, and there are other foods from companies that are more trustworthy, in my opinion

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    Blue has several companies make their food and won’t disclose who, that’s one reason they didn’t make the EC list. There have been a lot of complaints about their food over the last year and as far as anyone has reported BB has been unresponsive. One hallmark of every food on the list has been excellent customer service, so this might be another reason. BB is great at tooting their own horn, but they really aren’t that great a food.

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    Hi Jennifer P-
    Welcome to DFA! First of all, there is no such thing as a perfect food. It is best, in many people’s opinions on this site, to feed a variety to your dogs. There is an article in the review site’s library about diet rotation. I have fed Blue in the past, but thought they were too expensive for what you get. Right now, I am feeding my dogs grain free Victor dry kibble. I also add a different topper almost every meal so they can get different benefits from the different foods. I’m not a Blue hater but probably would not feed it again. Find at least one more kibble that is a different brand with a different protein and starch binder to give them some variety. Print the best dry food list and bring it to the pet store with you, or even better yet, check them out on the internet on their own sites to compare. Also you can start adding canned, dehydrated, raw, eggs and/or sardines to their kibble to make it even healthier. Good luck!

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