black spots in canned food due to mineral reaction?

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    Sara M

    I have a concern about my dog’s food and I don’t know who else to ask. Several people have asked and posted pictures on Chewy about black spots. This is a prescription version of Purina Pro Plan called HA. Every time I open a new can I see black spots but given this is a prescription food, I can’t easily switch brands. Here is the link on Chewy ( and if you look at the Chewy FAQ section it says: “The tiny black dots do occur in a variety of foods. It’s a reaction of 2 of the minerals, sulfur and copper, that react in high heat during the canning process. The heat during the canning process is to ensure the meat is safe to eat, and during this process, the sulfur and copper react which creates black specks. It is safe for your pet to eat the food.”
    Would someone more knowledgeable about canned dog food development and packaging please confirm this is a non-issue?

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    Ashley F

    Was there ever a response to this?

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    My understanding is that black spots can occur in canned foods due to a reaction during the canning process with minerals in the diet. They should not affect quality. However, I’d report the lot number to the manufacturer so they can double check.

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