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    I’m ashamed to admit that I still shop at Walmart (I’m trying to break the habit, I swear) — but they’ve recently DRASTICALLY increased the number of dog treats that they sell that are “made in the usa.” Now, I know that doesn’t mean the ingredients COME from the USA, so I emailed the company that makes the chicken jerky that I just bought there (Betsy Farms, out of Idaho) and was told that they source their ingredients from the US, as well.

    I felt good about that, but still uneasy, given the fact that Bailey’s Choice is located about 5 miles from my house, and they’re finding salmonella in their chicken jerky.

    I decided to research “Betsy Farms” a little further, and am disappointed to find that they’re part of a bigger company: True Science (, but they say their products are USA sourced and made, as well.

    Anyone know anything I should be aware of, about this company? Or are we okay (fingers crossed) ?


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    I know nothing, but I’m boosting your post so more people will see it.

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    I’m boosting you too, but for the record, I’m no relation to Betsy Farms. ; )

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    Here are the ingredients of the product to which you’re referring:

    Chicken, Barley, Tapioca, Chicken Liver, Vegetable Glycerin, Pea Protein, Corn Protein Concentrate, Dried Whey, Poultry Fat, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Salt, Lactic Acid, Hickory Smoke Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative), Rosemary Extract, Colored With Annatto Extract.

    You know, I think I’d probably take a pass on these. Sorry. They seem to contain some questionable ingredients like vegetable glycerin, smoke flavor and artificial coloring.

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    Yikes!! I’d take a pass on that too, sorry. Why do they need generic poultry fat in chicken jerky, or barley, tapioca, pea protein, corn protein, and dried whey for that matter.

    This is why I make my own. My chicken jerky has chicken in it and my turkey jerky has turkey, nothing else. It really isn’t that much of an inconvenience to me to have to store it in the freezer because it has no preservatives in it.

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    I have just ordered and am going to try kritter kuts. USA made link is–KIBBLES.html#default.html

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    Hello there are several great USA made and sourced jerkins out there!
    They are very similar in price to the ones sold at Walmart and have awesome ingredients.
    For example
    No grainers have a jerky line with in my opinion acceptable ingredients, also I like the like of duck jerky by yumzies

    There’s another jerky treat made by the company fruitables that has few ingredients that my dogs love!
    Hope these will help!

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    I would like to share my story with Betsy Farms Chicken Jerky Treats. I have a 13 year old Rat Terrier that I was giving half a treat to at night. This went on for a couple of months. In the last six weeks she began to lose her eyesight, hearing, and balance. She also lost her appetite (very strange for her). She threw up occasionally, but did not have diarrhea. She became depressed, slept a lot, and wouldn’t play. We just figured it was due to her age. However, I was concerned and took her in. She tested negative for everything and so we were sent to an opthamologist to rule out her reasons for blindness. Again everything was negative. During this six weeks of exams etc, I did not give her these treats. She had no appetite for anything. We started her on grape seed extract and switched her treats to an organic brand. Our doc thought she had a brain tumor, however, as time passed, she began to improve. She is back to her happy, spunky self. Her eyesight is improving, her hearing is improving. She has her balance back as well as her appetite and energy. I can only conclude that she was slowly being poisoned by these dog treats because this is the only thing I took out of her diet. I am sharing my story in hopes that if other people have the same experience they will stop giving their dogs these treats. BTW these were not from the lot number that was contaminated and recalled.

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    I gave my 14 lb. dog just 1 Betsy Farm Jerky Treat and within 1 hour her tummy got very bloated, alarming me greatly. After awhile of watching and rubbing her, the boated-ness eventually subsided. Warning to all who check product barcodes, if the first number is not 0, it is not entirely produced in the USA. This barcode began with the number 8.

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    I don’t know about the company but I do know my dog. Baylee loves the chicken jerky and goes crazy for them. I also know some about economics and the Betsy farms jerky from Sam’s or Walmart is the best deal. On Ebay 1 pound pkg’s of chicken jerky from other mfg. are going for $20.00 to $25.00 per pound.
    Also Betsy Farms jerky is made exclusively for Sam’s and Walamrt.
    Maybe you should think more about how your pet likes it and not so much about your feelings after all you don’t eat it.
    Happy with their product in Arkansas.

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    I really don’t care how much my dog likes something that I’m going to worry will kill him.

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    My dog LOVES running around on the freeway and chasing cars. It doesn’t matter to me if it could kill her, she loves it and I will keep letting her do it. Geesh, that’s what that guy may as well do with his dog.

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    Really? We’re here, on this website about healthy pet food ingredients, to figure out what our dogs like best?

    Sorry — just incredulous that you’d bother to post a comment like that — you sound totally like a shill for Betsy’s, or for Walmart, and just lost all credibility, with me!

    Not that you care, since you only worry about what feels good. Good luck on that Coke and chocolate donuts diet!

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    Ark golfer: your choice to feed your dog whatever you want; I just hope he never gets sick from them. I personally don’t care what my dogs like; they get what I give them which is high quality everything. Trust me, your dogs would like something that’s not had a problem but, again, it’s your dog.

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    Charlene F

    I bought the chicken jerky treats and upon opening the bag, the smell was so absolutely disgusting! It smelled of a strong preservative. I broke a piece off for my dog, and she turned away. (She normally loves jerky treats). I returned the package to Walmart……

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    Just buy human grade jerky like Jack Links or Costco Oberto’s , that way you can enjoy it with them and ironically it’s cheaper than most dog jerky.

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    Hi PaxRomana

    The jerky I make (USA Dog Treats) is made in a USDA inspected commercial catering kitchen with a grade A rating. I use Mary’s Chickens, Free-Range, Air-chilled, Non GMO, boneless skinless chicken breasts for the chicken jerky and I use WIld-Caught Salmon, Whitefish (Pollock) and Mahi Mahi for my fish jerkies.

    The protein is above 80% on all varieties. Each variety is made with only one ingredient and is 100% fish or chicken. No added anything!

    The ingredients for the jerky you mentioned are:

    Jacks Links Beef

    Oberto’s Beef
    Beef, Sugar, Water, salt, spices, natural flavors, natural smoke flavor and vinegar.

    I would not feed these to my dog.

    You can also make your own 100% meat jerky using any thinly sliced piece of meat that is trimmed of all external fat. Just bake in a slightly ajar oven at the lowest temp until you can easily break a piece in half.

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    Glen M

    I’m familiar with the HUGE company that makes Betsy Farms. It’s called True Science ( and they have a small office of maybe 30 employees in a suburb of Boise, Idaho not too far from where I live. There was a recent local news story on the company about how since the company began a few years ago, they’ve opened a couple facilities to manufacture the treats and have created a little over 200 new U.S. jobs. Not sure about you, but to me that’s not a large corporation and I applaud US companies that don’t ship jobs oversees.

    I’m with you 100% that buyers should be super careful when it comes to jerky treats for dogs, but these guys are legit. Betsy Farms don’t just make the products in the USA, they source the ingredients from here. This is a very big deal because there are several other treats that claim to be made in the USA but use meat imported from other countries like China. And by law they don’t have to disclose it on the package.

    If you’re really concerned to know which brands have been reported to the FDA for safety concerns, the FDA has a list of them. Betsy Farms has not been affected by any of these report, as so many other jerky treats have. Information is power… just make sure you have the right information.

    I’d scroll down and click on the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 reports. You’ll see some familiar brands.

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    With all of the constant recalls I really don’t understand this continuing need of some to feed any jerky from any company. There are so many other natural things that you can give your dogs to chew for their teeth, entertainment or whatever. Honestly, I just don’t get it! Stop feeding jerky from anywhere, you won’t have the constant stress and your dog will not get sick or possibly worse.

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    Alexa G

    I just started feeding my dog these treats and 2 out of 3 are fine. My third dog refuses to eat her food. I will not stop feeding my other 2 dogs these. I agree with ark golfer. If my dogs are happy I’m happy. If your dog isn’t having a problem with the treats then let them eat it. I believe the only reason one of my dogs did not agree with the treats is because she has allergies. There is an ingredient that involves corn which is one of the top 5 foods dogs are allergic to. Dogs only live for around 10 years Let them be happy.

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    “Warning to all who check product barcodes, if the first number is not 0, it is not entirely produced in the USA. This barcode began with the number 8.”

    This is not an accurate statement. The store that I work for has many items made in the USA that have barcodes stating with 8, or other numbers, and Chinese made items that have barcodes starting with 0.

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    Cheryl N

    Seems you did good research on Betsy’s Farms. Thank you for your information. I really care for my girls. And Betsy’s chicken jerky has a lot less ingredients than any other treats.

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    Cheryl N

    Thank you for this information on the Bar Code.

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    Cheryl N

    USA you say you make your own jerky’s, chicken and fish. I have a dehydrator. Do you cook your chicken and fish first?

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