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    Tessa R

    I have a 5 month old APBT. He recently began eating his feces (gross.) I was advised by a vet tech, not a vet, to put him in a vitamin supplement. They stated that majority of puppies that do this are lacking certain vitamins in their diet. I researched the best foods, and amazingly I already feed him 4.5 star rated food. He eats Taste of the Wild puppy, with a mix of 4health puppy formula, both dry food. I’m not sure what could possibly be missing from his diet, but need something to help with the problem. We clean it up ASAP, but we have half an acre (open to range,) 1 senior dog, and the new puppy so sometimes it’s harder to keep up with. Just wondering what suggestions I can get. Thank you to anyone willing to help!!

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    Copied from a previous comment per the search engine.

    I have had a dog or two over the years that was a feces eater (coprophagia)
    The only thing I found that worked, was to follow them around with a pooper scooper when you think they are due for a bowel movement, scoop and discard immediately, out of sight out of mind. After awhile they stop turning around to look for it. In my experience, it doesn’t matter what you feed them. Sometimes puppies will out grow this nasty habit as they mature. It is what it is. You cannot let these dogs alone with their feces.
    Has the vet ruled out medical issues?
    PS: Do not free feed. Feed at the same time, twice a day and you will be able to predict when the dog will have a bowel movement.
    Or, feed once a day when you are able to take him out every 2 hours (after eating) for at least 3 times to offer bathroom breaks. A long walk/exercise will speed up the process of elimination. It works.
    Always have fresh water available.

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    delete/posted in the wrong thread

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    I’ve had my share of poop eaters. People have told me I was feeding poor quality food which is a big NO. The best way to take care of the problem is to pick it up as soon as the dog goes.

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