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    Richard P

    My Great Dane was just diagnosed with DCM. Loss of appetite and weight loss are huge issues. What is the best tasting dry and canned dog food without regard to nutrition?

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    DAILY: VetriScience Cardio-Strength Specialty Health Dog & Cat Capsules

    AIR DRIED: Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Tripe & Lamb Dog Food

    KIBBLE: Zignature Lumited Ingredient Formula in Duck

    WET: Just Juicy Beef Shank Stew by Lotus

    FREEZE DRIED: Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets in Lamb or Duck.

    Sometimes, I add on top chopped steamed broccoli and pre made carnitas meat (just a little, very salty). Ups the yum factor. Make sure he’s comfy while eating, whether laying down or hold the bowl up if standing.

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    Richard P

    Thanks for all the information, but at those prices, I’ve decided to just to grill him beef roasts and cut into cubes to add to his kibble. As info, to get him to eat his medications (rather than chase him around the house to grab him and cram the pill pockets down his throat) I’m having success with rolling ground chuck into small meatballs, inserting the pill inside and frying in a pan. Have got to keep the meatballs small or he will crack them open, eat the meat, and leave the pill in his bowl. And all Danes should have raised food/water stations. Thanks again for your reply.


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